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Logitech is a Swiss-American company that produces software and some of the best computer peripherals on the market (ie mice, mouse pads, keyboards, headsets and various other accessories).

Like many competitors, Logitech also produces its own free software, which can be used with its own-brand peripheral products. The software can be used to manage and group the settings of each supported Logitech product in one place, providing more features and customization options for each product. You can set up macros for the mouse and keyboard, deeply adjust the mouse sensitivity settings, set a custom profile that can be switched according to the game, all ideal settings have been entered, and link the RGB settings of each device to its own settings. Custom settings.

The previous version of this application was Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). However, since 2019, all new Logitech peripherals have used the Logitech G Hub, which is generally smoother than its predecessor, although the configuration features it brings to its peripherals remain more or less the same. A notable shortcoming of the new software compared to the older software is that custom configuration files cannot be easily imported (see the section on how to import custom configuration files below). Improvements brought by

G Hub include the ability to download and share custom game profiles with the Logitech community, integration into OBS (open streaming software, popular for streaming users and YouTube), and other third-party streaming apps. , and Discord compatibility (buttons can be assigned to perform tangible operations in the software) and the ability to create and save multiple identical game profiles and switch them seamlessly.

The focus of this guide will revolve around the newer Logitech G Hub software. If you are interested in LGS, check out our other guides. We will introduce all the basic information to configure the software on your machine, how to adjust and manage the device settings in the software, and finally various troubleshooting problems you may encounter and how to fix them.




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because it is easy to install, because it is easy- Cakes can be difficult). Just click the link below and download the version suitable for your operating system. After downloading the file, open the installer and follow the steps in the installation wizard.

After installing the software, you can find it by typing Logitech G Hub in the search bar of the start menu. After clicking the program to open it, even if you close the window, it should now appear in the right toolbar.

Load G Hub and click the "Settings" gear icon in the upper right corner. Click "Check for Updates" in the upper right corner, G Hub will check the latest version online and then automatically download and install it.

Before using Logitech G Hub, you need to make sure it is completely up to date. It’s easy, just follow the steps below:

If you just plug the Logitech device into one of the PC’s USB ports, assuming it is compatible with the G Hub, the software should automatically add the device and it will appear on the G’s screen. The hub logs in with any other Logitech devices you connect to the PC. You can then click on the product image, which will open a menu of options for that particular device. If you have a wireless device, please follow the attached installation instructions and G Hub will automatically detect it.

For your device to be compatible with Logitech G Hub, it must first be a Logitech product, but otherwise, it may have to be a product released for the first time in 2019 or later. Only some versions and devices before 2019 are compatible with G Hub, and most of these first products are only available for the LGS (Logitech Gaming Software) mentioned above.

The following is a list of all older products (that is, devices before 2019) that are compatible with the Logitech G Hub at the time of writing. You can assume that any Logitech peripherals released in 2019 or in the future will be compatible with G Hub:

G90 Gaming Mouse

G602 Gaming Mouse

G700s Gaming Mouse

G300 / G300s Gaming Mouse

G100s Gaming Mouse

G100s Gaming Keyboard 14544 G4 Gaming Keyboard 1444 G4 Gaming Mouse G13 Gaming Keyboard

G430 Gaming Headset

Joystick Extreme 3d Pro

F310 Gamepad

F710 Wireless Gamepad

Saitek X52

Saitek X52 Pro

Saitek X56

Saitek 44 Pro

Saitek 44 Pro

Saitek 44 Pro

Pro Su device is supported (see above) but still not displaying correctly in G Hub. Try the following steps one by one to verify

If you do not have LGS installed, this option will not be visible in the "Settings" menu.

You can use the same method as above to download custom lighting profiles created by other users, or click on the bottom left of the G Hub launch pad to view the latest lighting effects. These files can be downloaded using the same methods detailed in steps 2 and 3 above.

Macro is a series of commands, you can pre-program these commands to bind to a key, so the operation that originally required a series of complex keystrokes to complete can be simplified to a single button/keystroke input in the mouse or keyboard . In Logitech G Hub, you can also specify the delay between each keystroke, which means you can create a series of perfectly timed complementary spells in DOTA 2 or similar games.

To create a macro for any Logitech device that supports it, follow these steps:

As mentioned above, you can assign actions to third-party software as part of the link macro command in Assign> Macro. However, a simpler method is as follows:

Unlike other peripheral management software, the Logitech G Hub has a special setting that allows you to change whether you want the software to automatically open the computer in the toolbar during startup. .

In Startup, check or uncheck the Always start after login box as required.

In addition to uninstalling G Hub, the easiest way to disable the software is to make sure to disable the autostart option (see above) and close the program. You should be able to right-click on the icon in the toolbar and hit Resign.

Uninstalling G Hub is as easy as removing any other program from your computer:

The following are optional steps, and you only need to perform these steps if you want to completely remove all residual files from your computer. If you encounter problems while using the software, we recommend that you do this (see the following section).

If you find that the Logitech G Hub does not open or work properly, you should try the following:

In most cases, the above steps should solve the problem. However, if you are still experiencing problems, we recommend that you contact Logitech through the G Hub website.

This is our Logitech G Hub software guide. We hope you find it provides information. If you think we have missed something you want to hear, please leave a comment below and we will do our best to update accordingly. Keep in touch with WePC to get the latest instructions on all content of PC games.

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