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The Linux software did not pay much attention to the big companies as AMD, but may be trying to change. One of Linux's main drawings is a lot of software created by the community.

The recent software has appeared. This was a bit easier for the life of the users of AMD graphics cards.

Corectrl is a program of monitoring and performance of the graphic system that can control performance characteristics and fanatics. This was written by the Juan Palacios software developer known by another software as the Dummums game.

Corectrl is a free OpenSource application that controls some controls through the AMD Radeon graphics card and the AMD or Intel CPU. It may include NVIDIA support in the future, but at this time AMD is focused. The

Corectrl allows users to configure custom watch speed, power settings and profiles that automate fan speed each time a particular game starts.

The details of the Arch, Fedora or OpenSUSE user's details are easy to install if you can find on the Gitlab page. If you are running an Ubuntu distribution, you must add a PPA and install it from that repository.

A great thing about this application is duplicated as a hardware monitoring application. This can monitor the temperature of the CPU and the GPU and be an easier way to verify the rpm of the fan, and the energy consumption level.

Interestingly, it works in the same way that the Wattman utility is quite similar. In other words, AMD fanatics mean they are familiar with it, but there may be a slight adjustment for Intel's future users and NVIDIA users.

If you need more information about this new application, you must go to the Gitlab page.

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