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Amazon Prime and Twitch need some introduction, but did you know you can link to them? This is correct when you link Amazon Prime to Twitch and basically allows you to get a free Twitch Prime account.

Twitch Prime is essentially a premium viewing service on the platform, including free games, downloadable content, free channel subscriptions of your choice, access to special emoticons, and a unique chat badge to show off to the public. To help you and ensure that you have at least one gift with an Amazon Prime account, we will show you how to link Amazon Prime to Twitch. As you may know,

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming sites with a large following of game content. Where does Amazon Prime join the competition? Well, in addition to free shipping and TV shows, linking this account to Twticth can bring many additional benefits to your viewing experience.

If you paid for Amazon Prime, but aren't watching your favorite streaming media for free, you can subscribe to a channel at no additional cost, which can be an attractive feature. Not only does this allow your streaming company to create content, but it also gives you additional features when viewing it, such as emoticons or channel giveaways.

You can also get in-game loot for certain games like PUBG or Fortnite, giving your character a unique look compared to the general public.


Let's see how to link your Amazon Prime to Twitch.


Go to "" and log in to your Amazon Prime account.


Click "Activate Twitch Prime"


You will see the account you want to link. Click "Confirm"

You will be taken to your new Twitch Prime page, from here you can start to harvest rewards and receive your free Twitch Prime benefits.

If you have been paying for Amazon Prime and you are an avid Twitch viewer but have not fully utilized the Primes service, then you have missed it. Now that you know how to link Amazon Prime to Twitch, nothing can stop you, you can start using these custom emoticons on your favorite caption channels.

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