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Life is strange true colors

At WePC, it seems like we always have new mice that can be tested and tested internally. Our shelves are full of the latest and greatest models from all the brands you love. When we fall in love with a new model, it is not uncommon for all of us to replace our mice every few weeks. Personally, I've always been a fan of heavy-duty mice, and I really like my Steelseries Rival 710.

However, as more and more mice start flooding in for review, I've noticed a trend. The mouse seems to be getting lighter and lighter. It seems that all major gaming peripheral brands are racing to see who can make the lightest gaming mouse. But why are they so popular? Let's take a look at what happened to the new wave of lighter gaming mice. The

lightweight gaming mouse is still a fairly new trend, but in the past year, we have seen more and more mice appear. At the WePC office, we have started creating many collections ourselves. So far, the best lightweight gaming mouse we've tested is the Glorious Model O, which weighs just 58 grams.

To put this in perspective, let's compare it to some of our other favorite gaming mice.

As you can see, when we compare the Glorious Model O to other more popular mice on the market today, it is completely in its own weight class. This does not mean that it is the only lightweight model, just the lightest. Let's see how it compares to other lightweight mice we've used.

So why are these lighter gaming mice so popular? Well, this has a lot to do with the growing popularity of esports and the types of games that people play. The lightweight gaming mouse is well suited for the precision and fast movements that gamers need in FPS and MOBA games.

Reducing the weight of the mouse also means that your hands are less likely to feel fatigued from prolonged gaming. This makes them ideal for competitive esports gamers and those of us who like to spend hours on our gaming PCs.

also makes them more portable. So whether you use your mouse for gaming, content creation, or general work tasks, it will be much easier for you to put it in your laptop bag or participate in LAN activities.

If you've tried to find the lightest gaming mouse, you will definitely notice the design trends of the biggest brands. Yes, we are talking about the popular cellular design. With this, brands can reduce the weight as much as possible by making small holes in the plastic casing. For many people, this honeycomb design is indeed a love or hate, but if you are looking for the lightest gaming mouse, you must get used to it.

We have a more complete classification of the favorite options of the lightest gaming mouse, which you can view below. However, for this article, let's take a quick look at our top three.

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is not only the lightest mouse in our current series, but also the best mouse. This is one of the first mice to use the honeycomb design. When combined with the RGB function, it is a very attractive mouse. However, not only the design, this mouse performs very well in games and daily use. It is not surprising that it occupies the top position. For some time,

CoolerMaster has been making the lightest gaming mouse (their previous model MM710 weighed only 53 grams!) and MM711 is no exception. Upgrade the old model by adding a bit of RGB and 3389 PWM.

The top three are Endgame Gear XM1. In a typical German style, this mouse has a ridiculous design that manages to eliminate honeycomb holes while reducing its weight to a respectable 70 grams.

By now, you should already know which lightest gaming mouse best suits your needs and requirements. However, if you don’t like it, here are some of our most popular gaming mouse pages, and they may be more suitable for you:

If you prefer a lighter gaming mouse or a more traditional, heavier model, we would love to listen to readers’ opinions. Although they can definitely give you an advantage in gaming, when you get used to heavier models, it may be difficult for some people to switch. Either way, it looks like lightweight gaming mice will continue to exist, and they may even get lighter, only time will tell.

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