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Lg release 27gp850 32gp850

In recent days, LG has made some exciting announcements at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020. Among them are the OLED TV lineups they demonstrated, which now include smaller OLED CX series TVs.

We've launched 55-, 65- and 77-inch models, but now LG will offer 48-inch TVs for those looking for a smaller TV for the home or office. Obviously, this gives consumers more choice and variety, especially when you have limited space but need a high-quality TV. The LG CX

TV is a 4K smart OLED TV. It is also compatible with GSYNC, which can help you really improve your game settings. LG said that its new OLED series will provide high refresh rates and less latency to achieve smooth and responsive games. Although the

new CX series lacks some of the features of the high-end GX, WX and ZX series, it will still provide excellent performance at its price.

With the successful combination of elegant design, high-quality built-in audio, and excellent image quality, the LG`S CX series looks like an exciting addition in a highly competitive market. The current price of the

is still uncertain, but we know from the 2019 model that the 55-inch TV starts at approximately US$2,499, and the price of the 77-inch TV has risen to US$6,999.

As for the launch date, the new CX TV is likely to be launched around March and April this year. However, when we learn more or have new updates, we will promptly inform you of the best place to buy LG OLED TVs.

As we learn more at CES 2020, we will bring you more news in the next few days. If you are interested in knowing everything announced by big brands, please continue to pay attention to WePC, our team will bring you the latest news! Directly from the exhibition site!

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