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Lg new ultragear monitors ces 2020

South Korean technology giant LG announced today that it will introduce NVIDIA GSync compatibility certification in its 2019 OLED TV product line. NVIDIA GPU gamers will soon be able to connect their gaming equipment with LG’s excellent TV series for a more sensitive and immersive experience. The

firmware update will make the necessary software changes in specific markets around the world in the next few weeks, although LG did not specify which markets.

LG TV Product Planning Department Senior Vice President Sam Kim said;

“Gamers all over the world have coveted LG OLED TVs for a long time. We are committed to optimizing the OLED gaming experience for them. By adopting NVIDIA GSYNC, we have proven that OLED TVs have gained The support and recognition of the world’s leading gaming hardware brands makes their products look the best. “

is a perfect match for gamers, because LG has worked hard to provide the best picture quality and lightning-fast quality of its OLED TVs. Fast response time, precise pixel control, learning-based AI sound, Dolby audio format support, almost unlimited contrast, accurate color, up to 120 Hz refresh rate and ultra-low input delay, up to 6 milliseconds at 1440p, 4K Time up to 13 milliseconds.

This is a perfect game formula without loss of image quality. It supports popular HDR and HDMI 2.1 specifications such as ALLM, eARC and VRR. However, until NVIDIA releases compatible GPUs, HDMI 2.1 functionality and 120Hz refresh rate will not be your items. Finally, NVIDIA said that it is working hard to implement HDMI VRR support for NVIDIA GSync on its GeForce RTX 20 series.

In the press release sharing the news, LG noted that the certification is only applicable to OLED 65 / 55E9 models and 77/65 / 55C9. It remains to be seen if LG plans to extend the technology to other models. We imagine the company will first test the waters to gauge consumer response and adoption rate before moving the technology to other televisions.

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