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Lg ces 2020

Because CES 2020 is in full apogee, the WEPC team visits all the best brands here and has the latest and largest updates from Las Vegas. One of the wonderful products obtained to try the Hanson was a new double-screen phone LG G8X STINQ. It may have been returned in 2019, but this was able to achieve it with our first opportunity, especially in the United Kingdom. So let's take a look more closely.

There was always fence with fence for game telephony. As my own console player, I really do not enter the mobile game to help you download the Final Fantasy Game or spend a long trip trip. And because I have a change of Nintendo, I have to use my phone for it. But I can change sideways after seeing a new Dual LG screen phone.

LG G8X Stinq Tech Specifications

While the phone is designed exclusively for the game, it has many aspects to be a wonderful game. The dual screen can be used as a game controller and you can build customs to build your own game pad to suit the style of the game. This is an ideal option for those who like to play competitive competitive competitive as Fort Knight to allow you to adjust your game experience in disappearing.

We had the opportunity to judge us at the Showfloor, and you did not feel a game by phone. In fact, it is like a hand console than anything else. The screen looks cleaned and clear and there is no delay.

The game pads are very sensitive and we provide it to enjoy the game. Because it is also nice and comfortable with your hands, I can imagine if I could play for a long time. It happens to me when you play with my cell phone.

I made this phone in conjunction with NVIDIA to make sure that the game experience is as smooth as possible.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 655 Thanks to the processor and 6GB RAM, the phone works surprising well. Both screens work together to work together to perform different tasks when performing performance degradation. In fact, if you really want it, you may be looking at the prince of a screen, and other witches are actually compared and you can see what is the best (* cough witcher * *).

leaves the box and comes with a storage of 128 GB. This is comparable to the last smartphone. However, what is impressive and the ability to extend to 2TB with micro SD. In terms of battery life, if used as a standard smartphone, it will last one day. But honestly, you must buy a dual screen phone with only Facebook scroll. The dual screen is lowered from the same battery as G8x, so it uses both screens at a time, the battery power can quickly download quickly.

Of course, it is not about the game (as useful as we prefer). This cell phone is incredibly reliable and is designed with one of the wonderful aspects of the user interface, such as Threxfinger SWIPE to carry the other screen. It is perfect for multitasking. When we talk to LG on your booth, we use an example of a screen on the other screen. These small topics do this to a very easy-to-use call for daily use. From a business use point of view of

, the dual screen can be a videoconference and means that your email or document can be opened on other screens. Since many people travel for work or work from today's house, this helps you connect with work, even if it is.

My first fast graphics, I'm crazy about LG G8X Dual Screen Phone until I write this prayer. It may not be the most powerful, but it administers a newer and folding version of the new folding phone that combines some small clean features for the game. Now we hope you postpone the UK to be able to play with them in the office.

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