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Lenovo yoga slim 7 announced

Due to the great advances in display technology, the importance of gaming monitors has grown over the years. A decent screen is now considered one of the most important hardware devices you can have, no, this is not for obvious reasons (it provides beautiful images).

A good monitor on the market today will provide a high refresh rate, low response time and excellent screen resolution. Now you can get a big advantage over the competition.

With that said, our task today is to complete an in-depth review of the LG 32GK850F gaming monitor. A screen that has attracted attention for its high refresh rate and its excellent price. In this review, we tested everything from gaming performance to stand durability to give you the ultimate roundup of another great gaming monitor from LG.

lets us stop wasting time and see how it stacks up against some of the best gaming monitors currently available.

screen size

31.5 inch


2560 X 1440 QHD

panel technology

VA (vertical arrangement)

refresh rate

144 hz

response time 5 ms


3000: 1

buy Amazon


90 degree full tilt

Beautiful design

Good multi-function support

High refresh rate

Easy to use options menu


Very low response time

Whether we are looking for a newer gaming mouse or a new GPU , when it appears Sometimes we always give 100% to test the hardware of these review articles. As far as LG 32GK850F is concerned, of course, the same rules apply. We test each monitor in many different scenarios, including long gaming sessions, graphics output, color depth, and more. The

monitor will be tested by multiple teams at WePC to ensure that we ultimately get accurate and fair results.

Whenever we look at a new monitor, we always start with the technical specifications. This gave us a preliminary understanding of the display's performance. You will also notify us of unknown features and benefits that we were not aware of before starting the review process.

Whether you're looking for a monitor, refresh rate, or maximum brightness, it can all be found in the specs.

Let's take a look at what the LG 32GK850F should provide:

LG is sold in the form of a 32-inch screen, but in reality its actual size is 31.5 inches. However, unless you are very interested in measurement, you will not notice the difference. However, it is still a decent gaming monitor. This is a rack that weighs 18.74 pounds, which is quite light considering the size. Thanks to the well-designed stand, no matter how aggressive your playing style is, the monitor won't shake or feel unstable.

It's safe to say that from the moment we unpacked, we were blown away by the design of this display. Speaking briefly about the packaging, LG takes great care to ensure that this monitor is not damaged in transit. The monitor is encased in a protective polystyrene block, along with the unassembled cables and brackets.

Coming back to design, this is another attractive display that can be added to LG's already impressive repertoire. The display is primarily matte black with some subtle hints of red to highlight key design features. What I really like about the display design is that it is completely borderless. The absence of a frame gives the display a stylish and almost futuristic appearance. The slim frame of this monitor design makes it ideal for multi-monitor setups.

Except for the rear, LG 32GK850F is almost identical to its G counterpart in all aspects. Unfortunately, after using F, we lost the cool RGB light ring. This is mainly because F is a cheaper market monitor, while G is a bit more expensive.

Overall it is an attractive looking monitor, and if you decide to use it in an office environment it will surely not look out of place. However, this will ignore the true quality of this type of screen that we will talk about next. The

LG 32GK850F has a resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is widely regarded as the best game! The main attraction of this monitor should be the impressive 144Hz refresh rate and the Freesync technology that it is equipped with. Unfortunately, the response time is a bit short, but given the price, we will try to ignore a few things.

For monitor beginners, we explain in detail below what these terms mean and how they affect your gaming performance. The

resolution is the actual number of pixels in the monitor screen. The resolution you see in the specifications is the maximum resolution that your monitor can display. 2560 x 1440 refers to the number of pixels in the vertical and horizontal directions. Take the resolution of this monitor as an example. Its width is 2560 pixels and its height is 1440 pixels. The

response time tells us how long it takes for a pixel to change from bright to dark. It is measured in milliseconds (ms), in fact you always want this number to be less than 5 milliseconds. For example, the best gaming monitor has a response time of 1 millisecond. If the response time is too slow, you will experience a so-called ghosting. It greatly reduces the image quality. The

refresh rate refers to the speed at which the monitor updates the image it is viewing. It is directly related to the FPS in the game, and it may cause various problems if the synchronization is not correct. When your FPS is higher than the refresh rate of the monitor, screen tearing occurs.

As far as modern monitors are concerned, the input of this monitor is pretty standard. Unfortunately, it is not equipped with USB TypeC

Reference, Freesync technology, Update rhythm of 144 Hz and 3000: 1 Contrast ratio.

From a design point of view, the largest function is an inclination function. This allows you to place this monitor as easily as possible. Compare this with some other set of guards, I must say that it is handled quite well. The screen can rotate 90 degrees 90 degrees. This is to have a huge Twitter food, this is immediately on your street. It has an impressive range of inclination that provides all the angles you need.

The options menu is controlled by the joysticky button below the front of the monitor. The menu was with aesthetically comfortable and easy to navigate, and there was something that could not be said for other high-end monitors.

LG was equipped with this monitor with a strobe backlit function called "Motion Buller Dict". This function is available only when using 120 Hz or 144 Hz, and can be found in the configuration below the game setting. The MBR technology works by pressing and off at the same frequency as the update rate that reduces the blurry. Anyway, blur recognition.

are for the following technologies. It works and produces a softer experience in a particular scenario.

Fresync is a technology designed by Radeon and helps reduce the tearing of the screen during the game. It works by synchronizing your FPS with its update rate and giving many smooth observation experiences. This automatically deletes the tear of the screen and reduces the tutamade of the screen and the input delay.

You must use DisplayPort to use FreshNC technology, but the last graphics card has this property.

PC was equipped with a new Ryzen 3900X that decides to try this monitor, and there was a GPU of 5700 XT. This means that we can take advantage of the maximum Freesync. Although, no doubt, any medium is possible, and you were really different.

LG 32GK850F was mainly the game monitor, so I thought it was not good to start this when it is tested. Two of the most important features of features are the update rate and response time. If you want the best gaming experience, you need a high frequency of update and a low response time. As we already know, this monitor has a wonderful 144Hz update rate. However, how does the slow response time of 5 ms affect?

First look at the update rate. 144 Hz is at the top of what can be achieved recently. The monitor rises to 240 Hz, but must be divided more for them. This monitor was tested on several similar surveillance employees using several update rates. Especially in the games, look at the difference of softness easily. Unfortunately, in some games, we were definitely a shame with some signs of smear. However, reducing the update frequency at 120 Hz changes the amount that is certainly shown. The 1MS movement blur seems to kick mainly at this level.

Freesync finally achieved the final experience of the game, established the update rate at 120 Hz, and it turned out that HDR was enabled in the game you were playing.

LG 32GK850F is compatible with HDR and uses 95% of the DCIP3 color range. This is the standard with the best color quality. The darkness is dark, bright and bright. By promoting gamma and this expansion, it is necessary to compensate for the quality of the deficient image, with all the cleaning between them. When I loaded the game, you could say straight colors than HDR monitors. The monitor is aesthetically comfortable but not cartoon. Black stabilizers work to show the darker scenario as realistic as possible.

Well, you have it, our full general description of the impressive LG Game Monitor, 32GK850F. I know, a catchy name.

Ultimately, this monitor provides a rich and immersive game experience thanks to the 144 Hz update rate and FreeSync technology. The range of colors is one of the widest available, and allows rich and true images that can not be simulated by other technologies. The monitor is not curved, but do not worry, this does not show the true quality of this screen.

The wide screen of 31.5 inches seems to be ideal for game scenarios and movie scenarios. Linked HDR with a black stabilizer and blur 1MS motion blur, really get immersive experience.

In general, I loved using this monitor, and will definitely recommend people trying to buy a large monitor using a decent game pedigree.

Screen Size

31.5 Inch

Resolution 2560 x 1440


Panel Technology

VA (Vertical Orientation)

Update Rate

144 Hz

Response Time

: 3000 LG A 1

Store Amazon

Sleeklooking 31.5 inch monitor is also equipped with excellent game performance, as well as a great aesthetics.


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