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Lenovo thinkpad x1 ces 2020

In terms of top gaming news and tech updates, CES never seems to disappoint. This year is no exception. With major announcements from major brands such as AMD, LG, Samsung, etc., this year's CES may be one of the biggest major breakthroughs.

Speaking of breakthroughs, Lenovo launched the impressive Yoga 5G at this year's conference and demonstrated it as the world's first 5G laptop.

Hearing this news, we wasted no time to smell the booth of this Chinese company to understand the insider information of this "world's first 5G laptop".

It didn't take long for us to find the new Yoga 5G. When we found it, we didn't waste time asking some big questions about Lenovo's new arrival.

Lenovo Yoga 5G may be available in the first quarter of 2020, initially priced at $1499. The representative of the booth also mentioned to us that this laptop will be called "Flex 5G" in North America.

In terms of specifications, we learned that Lenovo Yoga 5G is the first laptop to run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx platform. This allows the Yoga to be equipped with a built-in 5G connection, capable of downloading large files at a speed of approximately 4GB/s.

Yoga 5G will also provide Bluetooth 5.0 wireless support, but that said, WiFi is not included in the Yoga specification PDF.

From a performance point of view, the Yoga 5G is equipped with a 14-inch wide-angle display that can provide up to FHD definition. It has a two-in-one function, so in theory you can turn this laptop into a tablet by rotating the screen and using it as a touch screen. They are all very elegant.

For me, another outstanding feature is the impressive 24-hour battery life it provides. Thanks to thermal efficiency calculations, it has the ability to do this, and its power consumption is reduced by 60% compared to the previous generation of Qualcomm. Combine it with the extremely light weight of 1.3Kg, and you have an impressive portable notebook.

So, you have it, our full breakdown of the new Lenovo Yoga 5G. From the moment we started using Yoga 5G, we can see the potential that new technology must bring.

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