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Lenovo amd ryzen 7 4800h laptop

The second quarter of 2020.

Lenovo Y2525 gaming monitor-a 24.5 inch gaming monitor, Lenovo Y2525 gaming monitor supports 1080p, has a 240 Hz refresh rate, 99% sRGB color gamut, 400 brightness nits, Nano IPS HDR 400, 1 ms GTG response time and FreeSync support . Starting in June 2020, it is expected to pay $319.

Lenovo G32qc Gaming Monitor-The Lenovo G32qc Gaming Monitor is a 31.5-inch QHD monitor with a 1500R curved panel. Including 72% Adobe sRGB color gamut, FreeSync support, 140Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. You can buy one for $ 320 as of March 2020.

Lenovo G27c Gaming Monitor downgraded from G32qc, more for the budget market, Lenovo G27c is a 27-inch gaming monitor, equipped with FHD 1080P 1500R display, refresh rate 165 Hz, 4 millisecond response time, and FreeSync support. The screen will arrive in March 2020 and will cost $ 220.

Lenovo Qreator 27 / 27h Display: Equipped with a 27-inch 10-bit IPS panel that supports 4K 3840 × 2160, Lenovo Qreator 27 is a professional-grade WLED backlit display with 400 nits brightness, 60 Hz refresh rate and 4 millisecond response time. 27h is a QHD variant of the same model. Compared with the 99% sRGB of 27h, 27 provides 98 IP3. The price of 27h is 350 US dollars, and the price of 27 is 900 US dollars. It will arrive sometime in the spring of 2020.

ThinkSmart View-a personal business communication device (or we estimate it is more like a beautified touch screen), ThinkSmart View supports video and audio calls through Microsoft Teams. It arrived this month at a price of $350.

Legion BoostStation eGPU: Lenovo’s first external GPU, Legion BoostStation eGPU supports GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA. Support Radeon RX 5700 XT and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB. The Legion BoostStation eGPU will be available in May 2020 with a retail price of US$250.

Lenovo Smart Frame: Smart Frame is a 21.5-inch 1080p IPS digital photo frame, which will be available in August 2020 at a price of US$400. You can make collages, scan the highest-quality snapshots, repair the world through the snapon installation system, make landscape and portrait orientations, and work through supporting applications.

Lenovo ThinkPad Plus Case - This is its name. Protect your ThinkPad Plus` screen. The sleeve case will be available in April 2020 at a price of $ 45.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Creator 5: Lenovo's only desktop at CES 2020, Lenovo IdeaCentre Creator 5 is equipped with the Intel Core i9 GPU, NVIDIA GeForce RTX higher, up to 32GB RAM, up to 1TB m.2 SSD and a number of uses the desktop I / O function. You will pay $ 1,099 for this and it will launch in October.

Lenovo Lavie Home AIO - This all-in-one machine is another product of the cooperation of Lenovo and NEC. Its special glass sound screen essentially turns the screen into a speaker, vibrating as sound is played. The 720p webcam and voice assist support will make great video conferencing tools.

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