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Leaked roadmap suggests amd ryzen 6000 2022 launch

Featured news comes from two sources, either delivered directly through official channels or through leaks. In late February, a careful industry observer discovered two potential new Nvidia GPUs via the @_rogame Twitter account instead of one.

First clarify that if you are not an engineer, scientist or someone else who specializes in big data calculations, you have to be sure that your expensive RTX 2080 Ti top will not be overshadowed by the updated version.

Two unknown Nvidia GPUs belong to TESLA category of Nvidia GPUs. You can find them in groups of supercomputers and workstations for general parallel computing. The high price clearly reflects its purpose. The basic version of the Nvidia Tesla v100 16GB will cost around $ 6,000. One person can easily build three high-end PCs for this amount!

However, even for special purposes, the new technology reveals the performance leap we can expect in the future as it will gradually penetrate consumer GPUs.

The smaller of the two has a GB5 compute score of 141654 (Open CL): compute unit

, which is obtained when we divide the CUDA kernel by 64.

From another point of view, the most powerful consumer GPU, RTX 2080 Ti, achieved the same test score with 4352 CUDA cores (68 CU), which was only 128805.

Considering the price is five times lighter, however, this is excellent GPU capability.

In terms of the current TESLA GPU inventory, Tesla V100 16GB scored 139921, Tesla V100 32GB scored 153741, which means the smaller of the two leaked graphics cards is in the middle.

You may have noticed that its clock rates are around 1GHz, which is much lower than the RTX 2080 Ti's 1350 MHz base clock, not to mention the higher boost clocks of its various versions. This shows that the next iteration of consumer GPUs will significantly increase power.

Unless AMD comes up with something truly groundbreaking, such as what they managed to achieve with Ryzen series CPUs, Nvidia will eventually compete with its own GPU again.

This is not good news for end consumers, because Nvidia has no incentive to lower prices. Based on the Turing line, we are likely to see a consumer version of this technology called Ampere. If it is not cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can wait for official information at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) from March 23 to 26.

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