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When you return to the war of information, everyone knows that the loose lip flows. Since, activity may want to verify the state of the fleet of the Navy because the video of the video of a very secret beta work version is now visible: the Cold War of Black Ops is a beta before the version, it is shared around of the diverse ones. Internet corners. You can meet next month.

Check the image filtered with Reddit.

This filtered clip has a game in the Miami Map game when you look at the multiplayer mode video. This is not a debut that activation wanted to call this year, but because the cat is out of the bag, we have a help, but for us the cold war for us can see if there is.

I asked the WEPC team for all about this first game video, and where the resident who called a resident who calls a resident thought based on this first appearance following:

Shaun Conroy:

It looks better than calling a duty: The modern war [2019], especially design of maps, but I do not know about the design of the enemy health bar.

Jay Crotty:

Moder Warfare [2019] is very similar. I like MW Multiplayer, so it does not seem to be similar, but I'm glad to appear as if the radar comes back. The class selection record is similar: 6 benefits, greed, 3 special.

Elliott Smith:

It seems to be back to the old return after a slight reaction to the map.

I was looking at the work of working this year with enthusiasm, and we were looking at the official announcement that you can see here, and we sell your eyes for others, you will make sure that the main updates and launches of the game now.

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