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Leak amd ryzen 9 3900xt 3800xt 3600xt

Before the release of the AMD Rayzen 4000G Renoir series, new leaks provide new chip tips with the first BIOS support sign. Leaks are in the form of a Mark 11 3D reference point collected in a well-known Twitter Tech Miner Apisak.

Here, the 3.7 GHz base clock speed, the speed of the 4.3 GHz increase clocks, and the frequency of the GPU that passes through the rate of 1.9 GHz. The CPU won 4395 Graphics points and 10241 for the physical.

The results are generated by the previous leak, especially by pressing the clock speed of the 3.7 GHz base, and when the speed of the 0.3 GHz clock is pressed, the result that appears is obtained by the previous leak. The same applies to the characteristics of the GPU. At this point, it is reasonably confident when the RetailReady version of the CPU coincides with these specifications at the beginning. Or at least he approaches them. According to APISAK, the reference point seems to be an OEM testing a specific function of the chip.

Resident 5 4400G is expected along with five other Renoir variants. These include eight cores, 16 threads, 3.6 GHz base clock speed, 4.4 GHz increase and 2.1 GHz GPU clock. Below are eight cores, 16 threads, 3.1 GHz and Ryzen 7 4700 GE basket watches with an increase of 4.3 GHz. After that, there are 6 centers, 12 threads, 3.7 GHz base watches, 4.2 shelters of GHz and 4400 g, along with Ryzen 5 4400 GE. When the alignment is turned off, four cores, 8 threads, 3.8 GHz rear watch, 0.1 GHz Boost, and 1.7 GHz GPU clock, and Ryzen 3 4200 GH are 3200 g. Clock, 4.1 GHz Boost.

Another flight, another known courtesy of the mining worker, Komachi clarifies the choice of Subspecies of ASUS 4000G in the "Last Update" of Asus "A BIOS in the BIOS BOX. In the update, CPUIDS is displayed with an address In the range of 00860f00h to 00860f01h.

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