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Several new modules have been created for the unofficial version of Mario 64 for PC, adding features that will never be possible if the game remains locked in the original N64 format. With the features of modern gaming PCs, games can be completely transformed to take advantage of more powerful hardware. The N64 was an excellent machine in the mid-1990s, but even on today's most common gaming PC, its features are many times more powerful than they are today. This fan-made

Mario 64 PC port is based on a group of people who decompiled the original game. It already has features like ultra-wide screen support, powerful controller support, and frame rates up to 60fps, but people have done it. just started to roll it out. New features in the new Mario 64 PC version.

The following are some of the newer features.

Modders strives to rebuild many key assets of the game, replacing the basic low-poly version of the original game with a more rounded and clear version. So far, they have rebuilt Mario himself, many enemies and a few NPCs.

is nicknamed "SGI Project". They try to reproduce the appearance of the artwork created by SGI Silicon Graphics for the game. The high-end 3D rendering computer is used to create rendering artwork for the original game, to promote the artwork and others.

is still under development , But if you are interested in learning about the progress of this module, you can follow him on Twitter.

As a groundbreaking 3D platform game, Nintendo had to extract as much performance as possible from the N64 hardware when making the original game. One way to improve efficiency is to use a limited drawing distance. Essentially, when game objects are far enough away from the player, it stops rendering them. This allows them to enhance the details of nearby objects without wasting resources on distant objects. This is a worthy compromise, initially a smart approach, but given the amount of memory available on modern gaming PCs, this new gaming PC port is not necessary. There is a mod that can completely disable this feature, which means that all objects in the game, including distant objects, will remain rendered. Especially when playing a game on a high resolution monitor, you can really see the difference, it will only help the game look and feel more expansive. If the original version can do this, I think Heaven will try a similar method, but I'm glad we can play this classic game without the same restrictions, so many years later.

No draw distance is an option that has been implemented in sm64pcBuilder2, which is a tool to build your own version of Mario 64, as long as you can provide your legally obtained ROM.

currently has no practical use, but it is still an interesting curiosity, even if the video clip is unintentionally very disturbing. By removing any upper frame rate limits, we can understand the speed of the game. On a system with GTX 1080 GPU and Intel i7 7700k, we can see that the game's frame rate exceeds 1000 fps. The logic of the game is related to the frame rate, which means that the game will be sped up to match the frame rate when played like this, but there is another mod that can decouple the logic of the game and the rendering frame rate, and you can use animation tween. so this game is high The frame rate can be very smooth on the monitor. At the same time, it is an interesting benchmarking tool that can be expanded in the future.

These modules allow us to experience what various members of the Mario 64 module community can produce in a short amount of time, and we are excited to see what is possible next.

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