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Last of us 2 release

Numerous spoilers for Naughty Dog's highly anticipated action adventure "The Last of Us Part II" have been leaked online. According to reports, the leak came from an employee of Naughty Dog who chose to share detailed information about the game online after appearing to have disagreements over payment.

As for the legality of the leak, there is no doubt that we are facing the almost final version of The Last of Us 2.

leaks spread all over social media, Reddit and YouTube, although Sony stepped in almost immediately to stop the leaks by extending its power of copyright infringement to remove most of the illegal content. Unsurprisingly, screenshots were copied and videos were mirrored, making the information widely available on the Internet. Chapter

deserves the name "spoiler" because it reveals key story elements, plot points, unfinished multiplayer code, cutscenes, detailed task lists, and the game's main menu. There are also a plethora of game screens, including some of the biggest turning points in the game.

Leaks are very common on social media. If you want to keep the story a secret before playing the game yourself, we recommend that you avoid searching for anything related to "The Last of Us Part Two." Sadly, some folks have started destroying irrelevant topics and posts on social media to cut down on main plot points and twists, thus destroying everyone's fun.

For now, as Sony and Naughty revealed earlier this month, "The Last of Us Part Two" is currently being postponed indefinitely. Logistical problems related to the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on distribution channels meant that physical copies could not be obtained in time for the planned release date of May 29.

Sony and Naughty Dog explained that they are currently studying alternative release strategies to ensure that all players can experience the game at the same time. However, the leak can cause both parties to launch the game digitally to avoid further disrupting the experience and prevent further leaks.

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