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Last of us 2 pushed back

Unsurprisingly, "The Last of Us Part Two" took center stage on the PlayStation State of Play broadcast last night. The highlight is that after the game was announced in 2016, the developer Naughty Dog will release the game on PlayStation 4 on February 21, 2021. Update

: Naughty subsequently announced that it would postpone the release date to May 29, 2020. The new trailer for

A is prepared for this occasion, and it shows more background about why Ellie would carry out a cruel and vindictive carnival. You started an unfortunate hike on horseback in the snowy climate of the mountains, but it quickly turned sour.

After some torture and the supposed death of her lover Riley, she was seen shooting clickers, mutations, and a non-negligible number of human enemies. According to the previous snapshots we have seen so far, everything is very violent and bloody.

A genius blow, Joel appears in the trailer, promising to help Ellie. Weathered, with gray hair, and the protagonist of the original game is back, we couldn't be more happy.

In addition, Sony also released a rich version of the "The Last of Us 2" series. There is a standard version, which includes the game, Ellie's tattooed PSN avatar, in-game ammo capacity upgrades, and a production training manual that provides access to crafting recipes and upgrades. The deluxe digital version is the same, except for the game, which, as the name suggests, is a digital download format.

Next, we have a special edition that offers the same rewards as the standard edition, as well as a steel bookshelf, a dynamic PlayStation 4 theme, six PSN avatars, and a 48-page mini art book.

Things go to the next level in the Collector's Edition, including all of the above, plus a lithograph, thank you note, replica Ellie bracelet, 12 '' figure, six pins, stickers, and the band sound of a digital game. .

Finally, we have a version of Ellie that contains all of the above, as well as a logo patch, a 7-inch vinyl record with music from the game, and a full-size replica of the Ellie backpack.

Most bonuses depend on whether you have booked "The Last of Us Part Two", so if you are interested, be sure to order before February 21, 2020 to avoid missing any content.

But this is not all, because Sony and Naughty Dog hosted an exclusive media event together yesterday afternoon. News of the event will be published on the Internet tomorrow to celebrate The Last of Us, Outbreak Day.

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