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Breaking through the fog of countless survival games is no small feat, but Donkey Crew's upcoming nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis seems to be on the verge of it. In order to set the tone for the early access version of Steam on September 3, the E3 PC game show is the stage for the new trailer.

The Last Oasis occurred in the distant future, the earth stopped spinning and large tracts of land were exposed to the scorching sun. The last humans gather into small nomadic tribes, they must avoid the blazing light to survive and rely on wind-driven mechanical insect machines made from found wood and whatever else is found in the vast, arid wasteland.

The usual metaphor for survival is in the last oasis: production, gathering resources, and building bases. But resources are valuable and will run out quickly, so you must fight for survival, maintain mobility to avoid burns, and resist attacks from rival clans.

Open World is built on interconnected oases, each oasis has more than 100 square kilometers of land to explore. The number of oases is adjusted based on the player base and has different biomes and limited demand resources. Interestingly, there is a very long and narrow habitable zone, moving eastward along the planet's orbit around the sun, so there is no choice but to keep moving to stay alive. Most of the

Last Oasis game is focused on building these mobile mechanical walkers, joining forces to build clans and alliances, while fighting for political and economic dominance in a region. Fight with skill-based melee weapons and a long-range arsenal of harpoons and basic weapons. Or, become a pirate targeting resource-isolated nomads, or give up violence altogether, and become a big businessman through the player-driven in-game economy, thus making a fortune. The similarities between

and Rust's legacy are obvious, and this is not a bad thing. With a solid foundation in survival games, who doesn't want to use huge mechanical machines to attack and plunder other players? -Donkey Crew has the ingredients to do this. 4,444 developers are running a public beta. To get invited, join Last Oasis Discord here.

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