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Famous pinball machine manufacturer and fitness club operator Konami announced its plans for the future of the Pro Evolution Soccer game series.

Konami used to be a video game company, but it has done everything possible to reduce its business in the gaming industry. His biggest ongoing project in the field of video games is Pro Evolution Soccer, but many people wonder how long it will last. They still release a new PES game every year, but it seems like they're cutting their budget every year, and the series' sales are now dwarfed by EA's FIFA, so it's not even a game anymore. They tried to bring the game to esports, but with little success.

Konami seems to have two choices on the Pro Evolution Soccer table. They need to invest a lot of money in the series to restore it to its former glory and confront FIFA head-on. It won't be cheap or easy, but maybe it will help change the series.

Another option that obviously makes sense to me is to sell the intellectual property, and possibly even the development studio that currently supports the game, to any other publisher that can handle games like PES. I’m sure that people like Ubisoft or Activision would love to have a long-running, prestigious sports series, and have the resources to go head-to-head with EA. Sega will also become a viable suitor, because they have a strong brand in many places in the world where football problems are serious, and they are generally regarded as excellent managers in the football manager series. If Chinese tech giant Tencent is also interested, I wouldn't be surprised. The international nature of soccer can make popular series like PES an interesting opportunity for the right editors.

At least for now, this is not the way Konami is going. It seems that they are taking the first option and making plans for the short-term and long-term future of the series.

Since 2013, the Pro Evolution Soccer game runs on Fox Engine, which is a proprietary cross-platform game engine developed by Konami. This is an engine specially built for Metal Gear Solid 5, but its purpose is to make Konami universally used in various games. In the end, it has been used in Metal Gear Solid 5, the derivative work Metal Gear Survival, the finally abandoned PT prototype, and a series of Pro Evolution Soccer games. Maybe I would speculate that for Konami, the important work required to continue to maintain a general game engine is actually not economically feasible, especially when the console generation transition is coming, especially if they only plan to use it 1. Game series.

Maybe this is why they announced that they will no longer use the Fox engine. Starting from next year’s release, Pro Evolution Soccer will use Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. As Konami said, they are "raising PES to a whole new level."

"This game is being developed with a newer engine, which will allow us to dazzle it with incredible improvements in all areas of the game. We expect more realistic player models and animations, improved physics, realistic visual effects and more.

Since this change engine will not happen with this year's championship title, Konami made the unusual decision to announce this year's championship title. They will only provide "seasonal updates" at a lower price than usual. Basically, the above is just to update the player list, and make some other minor changes to update the last season, but did not implement any features or major changes. Players waiting for the engine update will have to wait another year.

They have a trailer with footballers to explain this decision, although if you think about it, it may not explain anything.

There are more details in this blog post.

Regrettably, a very powerful engine can produce impressive results, but to a large extent it will be abandoned by its owner, not because of technical defects, but because of the destruction of strategic decisions at the executive level The practicality of the engine. Maybe it will see the light again in the future, but at least for PES, the future will be in Unreal Engine.

Are you a Pro Evo player? Would you be happy to see what might be included in this engine change? This year's release is a minor update. Will it give you any idea about FIFA? Would you like another editor to take over Pro Evolution Soccer? Let us know in the comments.

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