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Jabra is undoubtedly gaining fame in the audio market. Their Elite 75t Bluetooth headset set is a step up from the 65t series launched in 2018, but they face some major competition-Apple's Airpods immediately came to mind. So how does the Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds compare?

is ready to use out of the box, you can expect to find a charging cable, charging case, earplugs themselves, and a set of earphone cases that suit your ear size and preferences. The specific specifications are as follows:

Package content:

earphones, charging box, USBC cable, 3 sets of silicone earplugs, warranty and warning manual earphone size: 21.9 x 19.4 x 16, 2mm

earphone weight: 5.5g right earphone, 5.5g left earphone

Charging box size: 62.4 x 36.6 x 27.0mm

Charging box weight: 35g

USB cable length: 300mm

Jabra was launched suddenly, because as soon as you open the box, you will realize that these headphones are made with quality in mind. The headset’s charging case is sturdy and comfortable, with a convenient magnetic clip system that can hold the Elite 75ts in place when not in the ear. The

LED on the back of the case is enough to attract your attention when it is lit, and so subtle that it can be ignored when it is closed. Considering that some of the wireless headset boxes I used in the past were a bit dim and unobvious, I was initially a little surprised by the brightness and eye-catching degree of the LEDs.

Another thing that impressed me is how small it is. Compare it with the Bose headset set, or even the old 65T headset set released by Jabra, and you will immediately notice that the 75t and its casing are much smaller than these models. This is really not a bad thing, and it will be even more impressive when you consider the quality that these headphones provide with such a small case. Chapter

Preliminary Impression of the Case, One More Sentence; flat top and bottom. Many earplug boxes are cylindrical, and these flat areas in the box allow me to place them on trays, tables, and other surfaces when on the go (I'll discuss this in detail later.

Removing from earplugs I'm still impressed with the headphones The 75t headphones put the external microphone aside, reducing the size by about 20%, making it a more comfortable internal device, which is very positive for almost anyone.

You may think that the 75t Elite price is relatively low, so it may not be as good as the competitors in the market; it is not true. Observing that the consistent level of quality allowed me to experience all of this intensely, without the overall degradation of audio quality.

Initially, I tested the Jabra Elite 75t headphones in factory settings, basically a balanced mix, without improving the bass or mids, I can immediately see that the audio is better than the 65ts. For example, Metallica's "And Justice For All" is notorious, all of their tracks have very low bass mixes, but I can definitely listen to it at 75ts without being overwhelmed by the mid or high notes.

If you want to use these for mobile games too, this will be a feast. When playing "Call of Duty: Mobile", 75ts can be used to easily distinguish between shots and the player's position in the game based on audio; this is something that I can't say for most wireless headphones. With the popularity of game streaming media like Google Stadia, Playstation Now, Xbox Game Streaming and more content coming soon, I will switch jobs and say that for mobile gaming, 75ts is a great way to experience the real experience on mobile platforms. Quality audio.

However, suppose you are not satisfied with the preset audio. It is not a problem. Jabra has developed an application that allows you to personalize the audio experience you want to listen to and provides many preset functions that provide a quick tap and tap experience, making it easy to use. Chapter

On the way to work, I usually listen to audiobooks and podcasts, but on my way home, I prefer music or videos. Fortunately, the Jabra app allows me to easily switch between different equalizer settings so that I can easily enjoy the highest level of music or podcasts.

In terms of music, I think the sound quality is much higher than the price of Elite 75t. For example, when listening to some Opeth, I noticed that the bass sounds very clear, while the midrange and treble of the guitar never overshadowed or overshadowed other musical elements-this is an annoying trend in most headphones.

One thing I want to say about audio quality is that when I replaced the default in-ear headphones with one of the larger headphones that came with the 75t, I experienced better sound. It may be me alone, but I can say that once I make a change, I start to enjoy more than 75 ts. The

Jabra Elite 75ts are true wireless headphones, which means that battery life is key. To test the battery life of these headphones, I used a single charge until they finally ran out. I’m happy to say that Jabra’s estimated 7.5 hours is almost exactly what I got from the test, and my pair died in about 8 hours.

A cool feature that I didn't know what I needed until I discovered that tapping my headphones quickly allows me to hear what's going on around me without pausing or removing the headphones, which is convenient. Also, the noise-canceling microphone can amplify the real world in the ear very well.

These buttons can also control music, volume up and down, skip and pause tracks, and can answer, hang up, and reject calls. All of this is very convenient if you are on the go and don't want to play on your phone on a cold day.

However, I am not impressed with the general connectivity of the earplugs. I have noticed that in some cases, mainly in busy areas such as train stations or busy streets, my Jabra may be interrupted or degraded intermittently. I'm sure this can be attributed to the large number of people who use the Bluetooth connection frequency, which may overwhelm such a small headset, but it is enough to affect my overall view of the headset.

Otherwise, I am very satisfied with the functions of these headphones. I often call on the way home from get off work. It is easy for me to hear that person's voice at the end of the call, and it is easy for them to listen to me. Except for the interruptions caused by the above problems, these phones are children's games.

In fact, due to the assistant function in the headset, calling becomes a breeze. You can choose your favorite assistant (I chose Google), just press a button and it works just like on your phone. This basically eliminates all the actual need to take the device out of your pocket on the go, which I personally think is great.

Then this is the case. It is equipped with a USBC charger for fast charging. Great, but when you consider competing headphones that can be charged wirelessly, the Jabra seems to be one step away. Personally, this is not a big complaint for me, but I think there will be some people who are not satisfied with this missing feature.

I want to take a moment to talk about the connectivity of the Jabra Elite 75ts. When it comes to mobile accessibility, they are excellent and can be paired with your phone quickly and easily, with a beep and an in-ear prompt to tell you that the pairing is complete.

However, when it comes to PC connections, the situation is different. Although you can connect the Jabra Elite 75ts to a PC, the level of support they receive on this platform is different than on mobile devices.

This means that if you only want to use headphones for gaming, you can limit yourself to mobile devices and streaming, but I don't think this is a bad thing. In the years to come, we'll see more powerful interfaces between mobile devices and triple AAA gaming, so before this trend becomes commonplace, a set of true mobile headphones can be a good investment.

I will not lie. In fact, many people in my office are using Jabra products. So I can always use 65ts to compare. They agree with me. The Jabra Elite 75t earplugs have an overall design, comfort and audio A big step forward in terms of quality.

And I agree. With a very competitive price of about $130, you will have a hard time finding a truly wireless Bluetooth headset that provides the same level of noise reduction, audio quality, and usability.

They are easy to pair, easy to use and easy to listen to. I hope that Jabra can keep up with this, and in the future we will see them provide more high-quality and reasonably priced products!


on Amazon. They are easy to pair, easy to use, and easy to listen to. I hope that Jabra can keep up with this, and in the future we will see them provide more high-quality and reasonably priced products!

Jabra Elite 75t wireless headset

Hi, you wrote that it is suitable for COD mobile devices, but the delay is severe. I am using Note 9

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