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Is instant gaming legit

Ever since the online gaming community exploded due to platforms like Steam, Origin, and Blizzard, online gamers have done their best to find the cheapest and easiest way to purchase the latest games. Until recently, if you wanted to buy the latest version at a cheap price, you had to wait for one of the aforementioned platforms to cut costs on certain promotional tricks. However, since its launch in 2013, we have seen Kinguin's market rise rapidly, which now has a strong customer base of 4 million worldwide. For those who don't know what Kinguin offers as a service, in short, they provide a platform that is similar to Instant Gaming and CDKeys in a way, where sellers and buyers come together to exchange games at cheap and affordable prices. Key.

For example, the current retail price for Windows 10 on Amazon is around US $ 88, while Kinguin currently only offers Windows 10 product keys for US $ 26 ... I think this has caught your eye. In other words, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the level of legality of Kinguin and its product keys, thanks to a post claiming that many of its game keys were purchased by hackers with stolen credit cards.

But before we continue, let's take a look at how Kinguin works from the buyer's point of view.

I believe everyone has been there. A new game has been released, but you have no extra money to go out and buy it. Well, this is your lucky day. At Kinguin, you can find the latest AAA games at a low price, thanks to the large number of sellers who currently use the market for transactions. Whether it's PubG or the latest Rage 2 code you are looking for, Kinguin will definitely provide an affordable solution.

You can not only trade games on Kinguin, Windows 10, the Office suite, antivirus software and other software options can be easily purchased. So how do I get started?

Well, Kinguin makes it easy too. You just need to visit their website and enter the product you want to buy, such as Rage 2. Click on the product to display the list of sellers, and then click Buy Now. It's that easy.

At checkout, you will be asked to purchase Buyer Protection from Kinguin. We will deal with this issue shortly and then you will complete the payment to complete the transaction.

After payment, you will receive your product key by email, as well as some promotional junk that has no impact on your life, symbolizing the completion of your transaction. Excellent.

Naturally, however, some suspicious customers may wonder: Is Kinguin safe? This is where things start to get more interesting...

You can check the latest prices of Kinguin games and software here.

This is a million-dollar question, when something looks too good to be true, is the product legal? ? Well, Kinguin tries to solve this problem by providing customers with their "excellent" buyer protection program, which will provide a full money back guarantee if the product key does not work. Finally, I want to say that even if we are not legal, you will still be protected.

No matter what it sounds like, many forum discussions have been exposed, where different consumers pay for product keys that are already in use or cannot be used at all. In these cases, Kinguin lacked compassion to resolve the situation, reducing the credibility of customer service and buyer protection.

Also, what does the Buyer Protection Program really think about your business? For me, in a company that relies heavily on trust, buyer protection programs will basically reduce the overall reputation of your company. In reality, you're saying that we know you're very likely to be scammed, so why not purchase our back-up protection insurance? This is not the kind of environment in which people like to exchange personal data. Especially when news of hackers and fraudulent activities circulates over your head.

So where do these keys come from?

Before we discuss where Kinguin obtains its product key, we need to solve the elephant problem in the room. The fraudulent activity that made the headlines not long ago. The

story goes like this: Electronic Art's Origin is a service similar to Steam and Blizzard, used to purchase a large number of game codes, and then transfer these codes to the Kinguin market for further trading. All code is sold, everything is fine ... or so it seems. After

weeks, it was reported that the code bought on EA Origin and later sold on Kinguin was originally obtained with a stolen credit card. Hackers can accumulate a large number of stolen credit cards, which can be used to buy game keys.

After learning of this, Ubisoft physically revoked the game keys, rendering them completely useless and leaving faulty products for thousands of innocent consumers. Kinguin stepped forward and said that more than 4,600 clients were affected by the scandal, a serious blow to his credibility.

Since then, Kinguin has not really made a conscious effort to let the consuming public know that they are actively working to prevent this type of highly irresponsible activity on their website.

When you buy a game key or product code from Kinguin, you are actually buying from someone who can live anywhere, and that person has not gone through an actual background check to make sure they are a legitimate seller. In their buyer protection program, they actually printed: "By disabling it, the customer will take full responsibility for any potential issues." This only adds to the suspicious nature.

Playing games due to completion or boredom, and regular business transactions. The ratio of legitimate/suspicious products on this site has not been measured, so if you are considering using their services, please take note.

If you have already done this, you may be wondering what happens if you purchase the product key in question and it does not work. Well, it all depends on the scenario and whether you decide to purchase a buyer protection plan.

Kinguin said that the safest way to use their services is to combine their BPP (Buyer Protection Program). If there is a problem between you and the seller, it will provide a safety net. Similar to content provided by eBay and other services.

Therefore, in the event that a consumer purchases both a faulty key and the Kinguin BPP, the consumer informs Kinguin of the situation, then conducts an investigation, and then grants a refund or a new code. In the real world, this is not always the case, as many people have promised, but the idea exists.

As mentioned above, Kinguin noted in their service guide that if you decide not to use your BPP, all purchasing problems will be borne by you as a consumer. OKAY!

For me, all of this has increased the fraudulent nature of the site. In some cases, BPP was not purchased, and after submitting customer service fines several times, Kinguin investigated this issue, but I will not happen every time.

So, as consumers, what does this tell us? It basically tells us that Kinguin is happy that you are buying from a crafty seller, and if you have not purchased their premium protection service, you will absolutely not take any steps to correct it. The cost of

BPP depends on the product you buy. For example, if you want to buy Windows 10 from Kinguin, the BPP will be higher than the BPP you purchased the PubG product key.

You usually need to pay an additional 57 USD for software and 34 USD for game fees. If you decide to buy something from this website, it will be very worthwhile.

It still questions their legal and ethical efforts to prevent such activities, but I think this is a beginning.

Finally, we come to a big question, should I really buy from Kinguin?

This is actually a difficult question to answer, and it will ask many questions for you personally. As far as we know, Kinguin seems to be a lottery about whether the seller is legal.

One question to ask yourself is whether you are willing to fund a company that is reluctant to use illegal sales methods (such as piracy and other methods) due to poor quality control.

If the answer to this question is yes, the second question to ask yourself is whether you are willing to take the risk of buying a product that may be damaged, used, or withdrawn by the supplier in the future.

If you nod in affirmation, then you can find a large number of game and software vendors waiting to bring you bargains with just a few clicks.

We decided to dive in and use the Kinguin service to see what the experience is like from the buyer's point of view.

We decided to buy the shadow of "Tomb Raider" to see how easy or complicated the process is. After creating an account, we use the search bar of the website to quickly find the game and select the desired seller.

Once we have selected the right supplier, we go directly to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. At checkout, Kinguin will redirect you to the terms of service page, asking you to agree to a large amount of junk that can be easily bypassed. We subscribe to the newsletter so that any updates can reach us directly.

The next step is to confirm the purchase by adding the bank card details and completing the sale. Everything is simple. Less than 30 seconds after the sale was completed, my email notification pop-up window let me know that I received a new email from Kinguin-this is my product key. No time wasted, I jumped directly to Steam and followed the necessary steps to activate the key, and then I could download the game. Everything is perfect for me: smooth and simple.

Therefore, after learning about Kinguin, we finally saw a service with pros and cons.

On the one hand, it is a service without due protection measures, which ultimately leads to thousands of dissatisfied consumers who may or may not be reimbursed. Not to mention the endless discussion lists on forums and YouTube videos discussing bad practices.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that it helps you get some of the best deals you could find on a new game.

In the end, services like Kinguin have a place in today's gaming community and offer good deals. However, since there is no answer on the legitimacy of the site, we will not know if our money is well spent until we actually spend it.

When I tried to find the buyer protection plan, it did not appear. I reached out to Kinguin support for clarification. This is your answer on Sep 13, 2020:

"We would like to inform you that all orders on Kinguin now include Buyer Protection by default. Therefore, you will not see it because it has been applied automatically

If you have any other questions Please feel free to contact us Kind regards, Chapter

I tried this service without seeing your proof. In fact, the game I want to buy is the same as the game you tried!

I heard that many merchants receive keys directly from websites such as Steam, and they want to sell or give away keys to get free patches. I know this may not always be the case. I'm pretty sure that when it comes to bonds, both sides of the spectrum are correct. I just want to take a risk in a big deal. If I lose, I don't think it was intentional. Thanks again for your review! I will definitely search your website again! ! !

Hi Nick, glad to be of service to you, buddy!

has been selling games on this platform since 2014. In 2018, they began to require a payment waiting time of two months (previously one month). When you actually click to pay, they still allow you to wait several weeks and finally make simple payments a few months ago. The company appears to be in financial trouble. This is reflected in the expenses. Personally, this is a joke. I cannot sell because I am used to allowing these people to steal money from our sellers for their shady business practices and investments. Using our money without our consent is illegal in my opinion.

Bad website, bad service, shady business practices and very, very disappointing service. Even if I am a seller, I do not recommend anyone to buy anything ...

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