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Is cdkeys legit

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If you come across a website that sells games and software activation codes at a fraction of the retail price, what would you do? Will you question the legitimacy of the website? Are you willing to hand over your bank details to purchase a drastically reduced game?

Well, since G2a became commonplace, people have been asking these questions when thinking about using their services. As technology advances faster than ever, scams and scams become more and more popular, and we must remain vigilant when handing over valuable personal information. If Kinguin is something worth experiencing, G2a may not be as clean as everyone thinks, but there are more ethical choices, such as Instant Gaming and CDKeys.

The easiest way to explain what G2A does is to compare it to eBay. We have all used or heard of eBay, and we know how the site works. Well, G2A is very similar. It is a market where buyers and sellers gather together to "trade" games and software activation codes.

But what good do I hear from you? Well, the advantage is that you can get the price of these game keys compared to direct purchase. This is probably a good example...

Take Rainbow Six as an example; currently, you can buy the game on Steam for £16.99, but if you buy the same game on G2a, it will cost £11. Are you interested? It should be, they can be saved with the click of a button, not just Rainbox 6! There are hundreds of games and software options to choose from, each of which can be packaged and discounted. Think of Steam, Ubisoft, Origin, Xbox Live points and software codes, the choices are endless.

Now, you may be wondering, how can these sellers sell games at low prices? This brings us well to the next part...

Strictly speaking, G2a is legal, yes. Whether the sellers using the platform are legal is another matter entirely. Basically, G2a has no real way to monitor what sellers are selling and where they get games from. Conversely, as a buyer, you may buy things that are stolen, defective or unusable, and G2a cannot really understand which buyers are at risk.

However, with that said, G2a has put some security precautions in place to try and protect you as a buyer. The first step in G2a implementation is; Each seller will be asked to verify their social network and phone number before making a transaction on the website. Additionally, sellers can only make 10 sales per person, after which they must provide additional security details to proceed with the transaction. The ultimate goal is to prevent fraud or inappropriate sales transactions, and this appears to have a positive impact.

So if G2a is legal, how can sellers get their codes for such a low price?

The whereabouts of the product key source on these platforms can sometimes be a gray area ... that's life. That said, thousands of transactions are completed every day and most of them are completely legal. So where do they come from?

Many people may already know that the price of a game will vary based on your location, when you buy the game, buy in bulk, etc. Individuals or businesses can legally obtain game and software activation keys at discounted prices in a number of ways.

However, due to the scandal that occurred a few years ago, speculation still revolves around key product markets. The story goes like this...

"Electronic Art's Origin was used to purchase a large number of game codes, which were then transferred to the Kinguin market for further transactions. A few weeks later, there was news that the codes were purchased on EA Origin and later sold on Kinguin. It was originally obtained with a stolen credit card. After Ubisoft learned of this, it withdrew the game key, which was completely useless, allowing thousands of innocent consumers to buy defective products."-You can Read the full text here. The chain reaction of

naturally affected sales from all gray market sales websites. Having said that, G2a has been adjusting its service procedures to ensure that buyers are as safe as possible.

Just because G2a is fighting scammers and fraudulent activities does not mean that fraudulent activities are no longer widespread. You can easily become a victim of a scam, just check the many forum posts circulating on the Internet... What happens if I purchase an unusable game key?

is different from Kinguin providing customers with a buyer protection plan in exchange for a premium, G2a decided to take the opposite approach. Like eBay, G2a provides a money-back guarantee. If "the digital goods you purchased from G2A.COM do not match the description, cannot be used, or stop using them, you will receive a refund." This is exactly the same as what eBay offers, and they did it right...

If G2a likes to call it a "digital project", which is not the same as described in the product introduction, then as a customer, you must first file a claim . The claim process takes a few minutes and is then passed directly to the G2a staff, who in turn investigates the claim. If all goes well, that is, your digital item does not match the description, you will receive a full refund to your bank or G2a account.

Don't worry, the seller is not free. Similarly, like eBay, G2a's work is based on positive/negative feedback from sellers. If the seller has negative comments about your name, the likelihood of customers buying from you will be greatly reduced. Chapter

Compared to eBay, it is a truly beneficial statement in a larger plan.

G2A seems to be more official and trustworthy than Kinguin and the like, which is good news for anyone involved in the business. The money-back guarantee provided by G2A seems to be able to achieve its purpose without additional costs, while Kinguin is actively trying to attract more funds from its customer base.

Having said that, I think it would be appropriate to buy games through G2A to show you how the process works, so let's get started.

Visit G2A for Game Discounts Here!

Buying G2a games is a very simple process and it gives me confidence that this is something I cannot get in other markets. Below is a step-by-step guide on the exact process you need to follow when purchasing G2a game codes.

First, find the search bar and enter the game you want. If your game does not appear in the drop-down menu, select "See all results".

Then select or click "See all results" to enter the game page.

Choose your game from the available options. Please note to make sure your code is allowed in your country / region and on the platform you want to use. If you are not sure, you can refer to the description of the game.

After entering the game page, scroll down to see the list of sellers for that particular product.

On this page, you can sort the sellers by the best price and the highest rating. You can also see the sellers and the feedback ratings they have received, as well as the sales volume they have completed.

Once you have selected the seller you want, click on the shopping cart and it will add the game to your shopping list.

Click Continue and you will be taken to the shopping cart and any items you plan to purchase.

Within this window, G2a will generate the final price, including the rate. This is also where you activate the discount code you have.

Before proceeding with payment, you must accept the terms and conditions and enter your email address to confirm.

Once completed, click on 'Go to payment' to continue.

You will be redirected to the payment page, where you can choose between 11 options. Choose the payment method you want and proceed to the payment screen.

Make sure the 7-day free trial is unchecked, unless you want to join the G2A plus club, which costs £ 1.99 per month.

Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected back to the confirmation page (above), where you can view your purchase and access your password.

Just click "Get CD Key" to view the game code. The print screen above

is where you access the game code. It's that simple.

We all like transactions, but do we like to take risks to obtain them? I don't think we will... but this begs the question, is G2a a risk?

Well, from a personal point of view, for those who have seen and used markets with less moral conscience, no names were given ... I believe that G2a provides a more authentic commercial market for buyers and sellers.

With G2a's new standards and policies, I can only see it becoming more and more popular in the coming years, especially considering how much esports in general have grown in the last 10 years.

Visit G2A for Game Discounts Here!

So generally speaking, if you want to save some money on some great games, then G2a may be right up your street. Or, if you want to keep it as clean as possible, just wait for Steam's summer sale and buy your game this way.

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