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CDkeys is a household name for discounted game keys, and they have been around for more than a decade. Like Kinguin and G2A, CDkeys is a distributor, also known as the "gray market", which is a good place for bargaining. Whenever gamers want to save money and stumble upon a dealer company, there will be one or two trust issues, so today we are going to answer a popular question: Are CDkeys legal, so you can rest assured?

Is CDkeys legal? In short, yes. CDkeys is a completely legal website, which means yes, it is legal, but it doesn't necessarily mean that there will be no problems from time to time. CDkeys enjoys a high reputation as a third-party seller, and I personally have never encountered problems when purchasing keys from them. CDkeys never exchange stolen keys, and not all third-party distributors can brag about this, which makes them trustworthy businesses.

CDkeys is completely safe to use. Once you purchase it, you can guarantee to receive the game key, but sometimes the key may arrive later. But don’t worry, delays are rare and always happen last. CDkeys is largely considered to be the least disruptive gray market provider in the game, so if you need to buy from such a distributor, the best choice is CDkeys.

CDkeys is an online store, essentially a gray market. As you might see from the company name, users can buy game keys and gift cards just like other popular websites. Unlike its competitors, CDkeys has not set foot in software, game currency or skins and joysticks to meet its specific niche market.

CDkeys appeared when the digital copy of the game really took off, starting with PC game keys, and then expanding to PSN and Xbox live broadcast platforms, as well as gift cards for iTunes and Steam.

CDkeys is the same as other similar products, once registered you can choose your favorite product, pay and wait for your key to arrive by email.

Generally speaking, the whole process takes between 5 and 10 minutes, with rare exceptions.

Everything happens automatically, very human. The key you bought through CDkeys is essentially the same as the one you bought from the store, not the individual sellers we saw at G2A and Kinguin. This means that there is no opportunity to support illegal activities and can provide you with additional guarantees.

After receiving the email, click the download button and you will see your key. For example, enter this key in Steam and you're done. The competitive price and popularity of

CDkeys stem from the company's outstanding position and experience in the market. The site buys keys around the world, and when you combine this bulk purchase with no distribution cost savings, players will get the game at a cheaper price.

These regional price differences also make CDkeys profitable, and they do so in a transparent manner, which means that many players tend to prefer CDkeys when buying game keys. There are many legal alternatives to

CDkeys, and digital downloads are the most popular way to purchase new games. Some alternatives may be less ethical or reliable, and some are marketplaces with multiple different vendors, but offer discounts for players.

CDkeys is without a doubt a company that you can trust, if you still want to know if CDKeys is legal, then yes, very much. CDkeys has been around for a long time and is a place where many players like to haggle. They buy the keys in bulk and transfer the money saved to you, great!

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