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Ips vs led

Ahead of the release of Iron Harvest on September 1, developer KING Art shared new details about one of the factions that make up the title inspired by the classic strategy game.

The new feature trailer released as part of the ongoing series features the three factions, over 40 units, and countless tactics that await players in Iron Harvest. Let's take a look.

As the name suggests, the Russian countryside was inspired by the Russian Empire and modified to fit Iron Harvest's alternative view of European history in the 1920s.

"Russia is vast and powerful, with industrial potential and Unmatched in population The Russian military is huge and its mecha types are unmatched in heavy armor and close combat. But the population of this country is exhausted by the long war. Frustration is increasing day by day, and the power of Tsar Nicholas is getting weaker day by day. "

After experiencing the chaos and new violence after the war, Russia is undergoing the test of class, social injustice, and war fatigue at home and abroad. It is possible that a revolution can erupt, and this revolution can only be achieved through cooperation with neighboring Poland and Saxony. Continued conflict to control. But people began to question the motives of continuing conflict.

La The faction is trying to ensure a steady stream of resources to build its large and cruel mecha. Due to the lack of advanced technology or speed, the Russian robot's goal is brute force, which has to pay a price on the battlefield and return home due to a wasteful production process. Mecha are slow and heavy, but once within range of enemy units, their sheer power and sickle-shaped arms will stand out because they "cut through steel like butter." It is almost impossible to prevent them from advancing; they can easily wipe out an entire infantry unit from the map in seconds.

Praise the great mechas are fast assault infantry with the ability to bounce rockets, well suited for a quick but destructive invasion behind enemy lines. The artillery surrounding the Russian arsenal is slow and fragile, but deadly. The objective is to launch a series of rockets at the enemy camp with excessive precision.

In addition to the killing machines and infantry, each faction has its own heroes with unique abilities. The Russians count on Olga Morozova, a field agent for the Siberian Riding Tigers, to control internal and external threats. Using stealth, he can quickly infiltrate enemy positions to destroy infantry units and place bombs to destroy roaming mecha units. Unsurprisingly, your pet tiger is no stranger to launching into battle and blasting through enemy units.

To briefly explain the full content of Iron Harvest, the following is the official KING Arts description:

"At the beginning of the 20th century, shortly after the end of the war, the world was full of secrets and mysteries, opportunities and tradition. and technological progress collide, and Europe is still reeling from the brutal battles of the World War.

The city is being rebuilt, and the iron harvest era begins in the countryside. Farmers are discovering the remains of the majestic walking machine that fought on the battlefield of World War I.

In this chaos, a new threat has emerged that will jeopardize the survival of Europe. The secret forces do everything possible to destabilize the entire country, determined to ignite the world again and ultimately control it. "

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