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Intels new xe dg2 gpu to be based on tsmcs 7nm technology

Online games changed our game experience for many years, and this was possible by the wonderful Internet of broadband. Of course, because you can escape with a relatively low ping in a broadband connection, it was not a good connection to play online. But what Internet speed do you need to be maintained?

Streaming on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have not taken the waves from the new production game, but games and individuality are also growing. Many problems are in the case of high quality flows, with a minimum speed of the Internet.

When the player now transmits his game to their respective viewers, the fast Internet connections were not more important. Twitch recommends that the Streamer have at least 3 load load load. Of course, this recommendation should be done on a pinch of salt.

1080P The best results of the 1080P are desired to have a minimum loading speed of at least 56 Mbps, but can be transmitted to a resolution of only 1 Mbps with a resolution of 420p.

Slow Internet is a wing of any player's life. The last thing you need when you are playing. Fortunately, there are some things that can be accelerated while playing games / transmission. These tips The following is useful to get a better online experience without having to update the current Internet package.

If these changes can have a significant impact on your experience, your Internet will be completely fast and you need to update your package or potentially switch suppliers.

The quality of its flow depends on your ping rate (the speed data will be sent from your PC to the server). The ping or latency, which is sometimes known, is measured in milliseconds, and the lower the rate, it quickly transferred its data and its game will be smooth. For the best online games, it will go around 30 ms, but the game can be very played up to about 70 ms.

You want to avoid WiFi, unless you have a quick Internet. If you are trying to change the current Internet package to get the best results, use a cable connection to select a fibeae sp ..

if you are trying to provide a quality service from your channel and feel that your Internet speed is present , you are afraid to raise your current ISP package. Register playback of the game while waiting for an alternative or upgrade, load the contents of the viewer and monitor itemand.

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