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Intels 10th generation comet lake s processors launched

It appears that Intel is preparing to produce next-generation Xe graphics cards based on TSMC's 7nm compute node architecture.

We have seen some previews of the Intel Xe Low Power DG1 GPU and the Xe HPC Ponte Vecchio GPU. Time to see high-performance GPUs in the range. This will also be called DG2.

According to the AdoredTV rumors, they have information that Intel will release the DG2 GPU sometime in 2022, and it will be based on TSMC's 7nm compute node.

Interestingly, Intel chose to use the TSMC compute node instead of its own compute node, considering its own 7nm working technology. However, AdoredTV stated that they believe that Intel will not use TSMC for all its high performance Xe graphics cards, only the DG2 model.

Intel work on 7nm technology, it seems strange that they chose TSMC.

Since Intel appears to be using 7nm instead of 7nm + (with EUV), this can be cost effective. If this is the case, we may see some competitive pricing from Intel, which is good for buyers. It looks like this will be the only way to compete with AMD and Nvidia, the two companies already in a leading position.

Of course, this is just a rumor so far, and we have not heard any official confirmation from Intel, so we should be cautious. However, if we receive an update or confirmation message during this period, we will make sure to provide you with the latest information on all news here.

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