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Intel xeon w cascade lake x

Industry experts recently released a report via HKPEC that revealed some major updates on the Intel Z490 chipset motherboard. These motherboards will be powered by Intel's 10th generation Comet LakeS CPUs and are expected to be released sometime in April 2020.

These motherboards will be released as part of the 400 series chipset series. be in the high end of the motherboard series in terms of design.

It looks like the Z490 chipset is expected to be the main focus of this release, and it will run on the 10th Gen Intel processors currently called Comet LakeS.

So far, we only know the features of Intel's 10th generation Comet LakeS series:

Initially, Intel should launch 9 SKUs, and plans to release later. This will be subdivided into Xeon W, Core i9, Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Pentium and Celeron.

However, Intel will have two different types of chips from the Comet Lake series. There will be 10-core and 8-core versions based on Comet LakeS 10 + 2 wafers.

Other chipsets, such as H410 (entry-level), W480 (workstation) and B460 (enterprise) will also be part of the series.

recently confirmed that Intel will be using a new slot on its 400 series motherboards, which will also be released sometime next year.

LGA 1200 and LGA 1151 have the same plug size. However, the socket has been moved to the left, so Comet Lake is no longer compatible with Coffee Lake motherboards.

This means that Comet Lake will pass a greater number of pins through its sockets and will not be backward compatible with older platforms.

So far, we know a lot about this chipset, but we can expect to learn more at CES 2020 next year. More details will be announced at the event, so we will keep you informed of any other information about Comet LakeS Intel motherboards.

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