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Intel xe release date

While we already have a little understanding of what Intel's Xe cards will look like during CES 2020, we still don't know all the details of these cards, not even what the flagship models will look like.

Recently, a leaked document appeared in early 2019, and it seems to provide some clues as to what we may see in the future. Although this information may be a bit out of date now, and Intel's plans may even have changed, it is worth reading. The

Tech Digital Trends website got part of Intel's internal presentation, which showcased the Intel Xe card. The chart on the slide shows seven different graphics cards, three of which are listed as RVP (Reference Verification Platform) and four of which are listed as SVD (Software Development Tool).

One of the SVD cards we've seen is Intel Xe DG1, which made its debut at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, but this makes the rest of the cards a bit of a mystery. These cards range from a single card with a TDP of 75W to 150W, a dual card with a TDP of 300W, and four cards with a TDP of 400W or 500W.

Digital Trends also speculated that each tile on each graphics card can hold 128 EU, resulting in a total of 512 EU in the quartile model.

While this is a huge improvement over Nvidia or AMD's current requirements for any of their graphics cards, we don't necessarily know if this will directly translate to performance. Since the cards we saw at CES may be low-power monolithic drives, we expect to get four times the performance on higher cards.

At CES 2020, we saw the Intel Xe DG1 hit roughly 4050 FPS when running Destiny 2 at the lowest 1080p setting. While increasing performance by four times may not result in four times the FPS, you can achieve a smoother gaming experience at higher resolutions and improve graphics performance.

Although these plans are likely to change throughout the year, when there are many alternatives that can achieve better results with lower power consumption, see if people choose higher-powered graphics cards.

We may not even see top tier cards released to consumers, these cards can only be used for development purposes. It may be a while before we hear more details about Intel graphics, unless we have more leaks.

If we hear more news, we will definitely let you know. As more events come, we may provide you with more information in the future. Until then, please continue to check the latest news.

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