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Intel xe graphics performance battlefield v

Intel is quite serious about the idea of carrying out multi-aggregate technology using GPUs. The tips of the last Kernel of Linux Intel indicates that it has a clear plan to create its own multi-tumbler solution. Changes made by the Linux 5.5 Intel kernel stained by Phoronix seem to include code segments that allow integrated GPU combinations containing independent GPUs and Intel processors.

If you have Intel and Intel CPU graphics, graphic cards can be aligned with integrated GPU as necessary. This is possible that this is not useful at first, but Intel's commitment to the graphic market market simply indicates that it is a bread outlet, it seems that they work hard for corner.

The Intel XE card will be built from the same base as an integrated graphic card, so Intel wins so that it is not. Details of how this work can still be available, but the way it creates that Multigpu Tech is still acquired.

We do not know how to use this technology, but it seems that it is clear that the ultimate goal will be for the support of multi-gigual games. Even if this is a short-term goal, the additional power that can be used will be useful for heavy workloads.

It is more interesting if this is sticky as only the Linux features or on other platforms, such as the DirectX game support. If the Martgles de Intel are affordable, Intel can take a time before the challenging challenge of market share or NVIDIA, but they can be a Goto movement for the budgetary system.

Multigoda has fought with AMD and NVIDIA in the past, but like the main objective of its competitors, it just jumps here for Intel. This also helps you feel the market without thinking about the direct challenges at the last GPU.

Software engineers take a long time to achieve it correctly with the GPU of Intel Xe, next year, Intel Xe GPUS initiated. Otherwise, we may not see this feature hit the first wave of the card. This may be interesting in the construction of the computer, which is more expensive for those who have just started.

AMD is unknown if AMD tries and implemented its way, but if the Intel method is off, it tells it.

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