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Intel xe gpu laptop launch

As we continue to search the Internet for any new information about the upcoming Intel Xe graphics card, we sometimes encounter surprising news. Intel’s Ryan Shrout posted a short video on an ultra-thin laptop running Battlefield V and achieved some impressive results.

Ryan Shrout shared some "work benefits" on Twitter, where he got a prototype Intel Tiger Lake ultra-thin laptop and a copy of Battlefield V.

This game runs at 1920 x 1080 resolution with graphics. Set high. For the integrated GPU, the frame rate is very impressive, hovering around 30 FPS during the game, even including some action.

also confirmed via comments that this is running on Direct X version 11, but no more details can be shared at this time. We do not know the exact specifications of the Tiger Lake APU during this demonstration, but there are rumors that XeLP has up to 96 execution units.

Although this performance is certainly not groundbreaking, it is a step in the right direction for Intel's integrated graphics. For casual gamers, this may be an additional bonus when buying a laptop, but we hope that avid gamers will continue to choose dedicated graphics cards.

We have not yet confirmed the release date of the Intel Xe chip. Intel has stated in the past that they are aiming to release it in late summer / early fall 2020. The Intel Xe

chip is currently only available as a standalone mobile Xe graphics card, so laptops that look like this will be the first testing ground. It will be interesting to see how they work and how Intel will develop Xe graphics in the future. For now, this Battlefield V test is a good idea of the expected results. What do you think of the test of the new

Xe graphics card? Will you look for it the next time you buy a laptop? Please tell us your thoughts below.

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