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Intel xe cards

It seems that the 3DMark benchmark test of Intel Xe DG1 discrete GPU has been launched, and the result dwarfs the integrated chip, but there are still many shortcomings in terms of discrete GPU and even budget-level models.

The alleged leak came from the famous Twitter data miner TUM_APISAK, who shared his findings in a tweet over the weekend. The results did not explicitly mention DG1, but TUM_APISAK pointed out that this was Intel’s first attempt to power discrete GPU performance capabilities. So, if anything, add a little salt to all of them, because we may be looking at engineering samples instead of the final product. In terms of

results, Intel's Xe DG1 with Intel Core i99900K CPU scored 5,538 points in 3DMark's Fire Strike. The GPU has a graphics score of 5,960 points, a physical score of 22,957 points, and a composite score of 2,075.

To say that the result is mediocre is certainly an understatement. The score places Intel's Xe DG1 next to GPUs that are starting to show their age. As one participant in the resulting dialogue pointed out, this makes the DG1 slightly higher than NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 750 Ti (5184 points) and lower than AMD's Radeon RX 460 (5924 points). Both results were obtained with the same Intel Core i99900K, so they can be reliably compared.

Wccftech noted that the graphics score aligns the Xe DG1 with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 950 and GTX 680, and ranks alongside the GTX 1050 at roughly 500 to 800 points.

If the leak is true, then the message is clear: Intel will not cause problems for AMD or NVIDIA anytime soon. However, once Intel releases the final version on a number of mobile devices in late 2020, what can we expect.

It is worth noting that Intel attaches great importance to Xe DG1 rather than launching a hit at the top of the GPU food chain. The GPU is not expected to be offered as a standalone product. They will only appear as a discrete GPU option in laptops and notebooks, or as an integrated chip in the Intel TigerLake processor. In other words, don't expect the desktop version.

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