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Intel vpro platform against amd ryzen pro range

We finally got some news about Intel's well-known Xe graphics card and its release date. However, things are still a bit confusing.

According to Taiwanese industry sources supporting the Intel Computex 2020 release schedule, Xe graphics cards will arrive in mid-2020.

Although it is not yet a set date, it does let us know what will happen. The

2020 deadline means that we can expect Intel to host Xe graphics cards on the eve of Computex 2020, but, so far, we haven't heard if or when it could happen.

There are many rumors about the Intel Xe architecture discrete graphics series. According to industry sources, 4,444 new standalone Intel Xe graphics cards will be manufactured using a 10-nanometer process.

Intel said they intend to use the Xe design in multiple markets, from integrated graphics to discrete mid-range graphics, to enthusiast graphics and even AI-based graphics cards.

Project Xe is reportedly an effort by Intel to regain market share in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous driving from rival Nvidia. It remains to be seen if Intel can optimize its GPU design for gamers.

DigiTimes told the rumors: "Intel is ready to combine the new GPU with its CPU to create a competitive platform, trying to take advantage of the business opportunities of data centers, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence, rather than specifically targeting the game market. Machine learning applications, etc. Sources pointed out that this move is expected to directly affect Nvidia, and Nvidia has been promoting its AI GPU platform in the data center market.” At a recent

developer event in Tokyo, an Intel executive apparently hinted that Xe GPU would be compatible with ray tracing. compatible. However, Intel has come forward to clarify this point and stated that the suggestion is only due to poor translation from Japanese to English.

Intel clarified that Kenichiro Yasu never mentioned the subject and that the rumors were caused by mistakes. However, they went on to say that Intel will provide ray tracing acceleration on Xe through its professional rendering platform. This will be aimed at content creators who use 3D rendering. To be fair, this caused quite a bit of confusion.

Although there is still some uncertainty about Intel's future lineup, we hope this has resolved several issues.

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