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Intel tsmc change name process nodes

After the recent launch of the Ryzen Pro CPU lineup, it looks like AMD has some competition from Intel on its hands.

Intel has just launched a new 10th generation Intel Core vPro processor designed to power business computing. The

new Intel vPro chip provides productivity enhancements, improved security features, connectivity and remote manageability to help more and more remote employees. This will allow companies and employees to maintain a secure connection and reduce interruptions.

Enterprises using the new vPro processor will benefit from the best of WiFi 6 technology, which will definitely come in handy in the era of video conferencing.

Cisco Wireless Chief Technology Officer Matt MacPherson provided more details in the press release:

"For more than ten years, Cisco and Intel have been collaborating to provide an unparalleled wireless experience, helping to increase the relevance and business impact of WiFi. This closeness The partnership provides early and comprehensive testing to ensure that as new industry standards and innovations emerge, Cisco and Intel customers can quickly and safely adopt the latest technology.

"We are delighted that customers experience the new The most reliable connection, faster downloads and improved application performance with the 10th generation Intel Core vPro processor and the latest Cisco WiFi 6 certified access point. According to Intel, the new vPro chip series will provide 40% application performance and 36% improvement when using office productivity applications compared to laptops three years ago.

Compared to notebook computers, the new vPro processor can handle 44 levels of data. Therefore, it may be time to upgrade some of the old company's technology. The new vPro

processor also includes an extended hardware shield with built-in hardware enhanced security features. In a world where the number of cyberattacks continues to rise, blocking your business is more important than ever.

Intel's Enhanced Hardware Protection can lock items in the PC BIOS when targeted by an attacker.

If an attack occurs, Hardware Shield can even transfer certain functions from the CPU to the GPU. This allows the CPU to handle critical tasks freely, even if it is under attack.

Currently, there is no information about the price. By the release date, we should see these processors drop in the next few months, but there is no set date yet.

If we hear more information about these processors, we will notify you in time.

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