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Intel tiger lake cpu marketing

We've already started to see snippets of Intel's upcoming series of notebook processors in online benchmarks. It looks like this CPU will be a huge improvement over its Ice Lake predecessors and can greatly improve performance.

These benchmarks were discovered by Hawkeye Twitter user Rogame, who also discovered the CPU in previous benchmarks. The CPU appears to be Intel Core i71165G7, but this has not been confirmed. The base clock appears at 2.8 GHz, which is significantly higher than the 2.3 GHz of its closest Ice Lake processor i71068NG7.

It seems that the boost clock is almost the same as the basic clock of the processor, which points to a chip in the early stages of development. These specifications may not be final, and both the basic clock and boost clock in the final product may increase.

This is not the first benchmark test we have seen on this series of processors, although as we mentioned before, Rogame has leaked the Tiger Lake chip before, but the chip has a 3 GHz base clock. This may be another engineering sample. There are even early signs that we may see these Tiger LakeU processors sooner than we thought.

The good news is that Intel has stated in the past that it expects to start shipping these CPUs in mid-2020. But this does not necessarily mean that we will see these laptops soon.

We typically see leaks from laptops equipped with these new processors when processors ship, but given the current global climate, there may be some delays before we see them.

Intel expects these mobile processors to be able to compete with its competitors in 2020. Given that AMD's Ryzen 4000 series looks very impressive, Intel hopes to maintain its current dominant mobile market.

If we hear any more updates or release dates for Tiger Lake processors, we will keep you posted.

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