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Intel tiger lake cpu details leaked

Now that Intel's next-gen 10nm Tiger Lake CPU is likely to go down at any moment, it looks like Intel has done its best in marketing. As part of a unique event, Intel has been sending out new marketing kits to members of the media. 4,444 Twitter users and technical comments Nathan Kirsch, aka @LegitReviews, shared a picture of Intel's Marketing Toolkit. Promo Kit

contains two Orange Lily seeds (Lilium Tiger's Roar) and a letter from Intel that reads:

"Summer is here. The same is true for our next generation mobile processors, codenamed Tiger Lake.

"The past few months have been unique and unprecedented. We hope this tiger lily will light up the world. Grow it or give it to a friend; we can always use more inspiration in our lives."

Of course this is fun and a unique way to get additional publicity.

Intel has confirmed that the Tiger Lake CPU will launch sometime in mid-2020, and new laptops equipped with this chip are gearing up for launch in the third quarter. Intel's

Tiger Lake chip will become the 11th generation family of laptops and gaming laptops. The Tiger Lake CPU will provide three versions: Tiger LakeY, Tiger LakeU, and Tiger LakeH.

So far, we know that Tiger LakeY chips will consist of 4.5-9W TDP and will have up to four cores and eight threads. In terms of graphics, they will include a GT2 layer, the 12th Gen Xe GPU. The TDP of the

Tiger LakeU chip will be between 15 W and 28 W, with four cores and eight threads. These chips will have higher clock speeds and will boost speeds up to 4.5 GHz. These chips will use the same GT2 layer Gen 12 Xe GPU as the Y chip. The high-end

Tiger LakeH CPU will be an eight-core, 16-thread chip based on the new Willow Cove architecture. These CPUs will have up to 34MB of cache, including 24MB of L3 cache and 10MB of L2 cache. These chips will also support DDR4 speeds up to 3200 MHz.

Intel has made some changes to its architecture, which means that the Tiger Lake CPUs will have Willow Cove cores, replacing the Sunny Cove cores in the Ice Lake CPUs. Compared to the previous 11th gen GPU using Ice Lake chips, Intel Xe

GPUs will also provide up to 2x the performance improvement.

believes that Tiger Lake is Intel's answer to the AMD 7nm Zen 2 Ryzen 4000 Renoir series chips. Therefore, it will be interesting to compare them in terms of performance. We have seen leaked benchmarks comparing the two CPU families, but we will definitely continue to pay attention to more information in the coming months.

What do you think of Intel's new marketing strategy? Please share your thoughts below.

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