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Intel tiger lake cpu 11th gen

We recently saw a leak that revealed details about Intel's upcoming Tiger Lake architecture. This will be the successor to its current 10nm ice lake architecture.

Until now, people know very little about these processors, except that they will be designed for ultra-thin and ultra-low power consumption. The configuration of the

Tiger Lake System on the Chips (SoC) will include a TDP of 9 to 28

W, depending on the version. This is very similar to what we saw on Intel's Ice Lake SoC. They are available in 9 W and 15 W models, with a configurable TDP of up to 28 W. Therefore, it will be interesting to see something similar to the Tiger Lake processor.

Tiger Lake will also adopt a 4 + 2 design. This means there will be 4 cores and 2 Gen 12 iGPUs.

According to another NotebookCheck leak, Tiger Lake will be equipped with up to 768 shader units, which can be placed in front of AMD's Renoir, which improves Vega in its SoC.

According to leaked information, Intel’s Tiger Lake Xe graphics will be 2 times faster than Ice Lake’s graphics. They will also benefit from 4 times higher performance than the 9th generation chips. This information seems to match other leaks we have seen at Tiger Lake, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it was accurate.

According to a leak last month, Intel’s Tiger Lake Core i71085G7 has a clock speed of 3 GHz and a Time Spy benchmark score of 1,414. The CPU score is 2,922 and the graphics score is 1,296, which can be compared with the AMD Ryzen 4800U on the market. Leaked benchmark tests show that Intel has 5 times more CPUs than AMD.

Having said that, because this is the subject of leaks, it is best not to place too much emphasis on the information disclosed.

If we hear more information, confirmation or leaks, we will update all Tiger Lake news for you here.

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