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Intel tiger lake anti malware hardware security

When it comes to mobile CPUs, Intel's new Tiger Lake benchmark leak may shake AMD up. The benchmark test seems to show how the 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake processor performs and has achieved some impressive results.

As often happens, the leak is provided by Twitter, which is characterized by being reported as an engineering sample of the Core i71185G7. The chip has four cores and is the direct successor to Intel Ice Lake. A benchmark test leaked by

shows that the Core i71085G7 is clocked at 3 GHz and a Time Spy benchmark score of 1.414. The CPU score is 2,922 and the graphics score is 1,296. These results indicate that the Core i71185G7 is 5 notches higher than the equivalent AMD Ryzen 4800U.

As always, we recommend approaching these benchmark results with the necessary skepticism, but if you believe them, they bode well for Intel and represent a comeback for AMD in the ultrathin CPU market. Opportunities in the market.

Thanks to the new Willow Cove architecture, the Tiger Lake CPU is expected to significantly improve the existing Ice Lake processor. The revenue gains appear to benefit CPU and GPU performance. In terms of graphics, the Xe GPU equipped in Tiger Lake CPUs is ready to significantly improve performance. The Ice Lake chip has greatly improved graphics performance, but the performance of the Tiger Lake chip is expected to double.

As for when we can expect the 11th generation Tiger Lake to surface, the second half of 2020 seems like the best option right now. When they finally arrive, laptop makers will always introduce new and improved models that use mobile CPUs in large numbers, especially the Surface series from Microsoft and companies like HP, Lenovo and Dell.

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