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Intel tiger lake

The new Chinatimes reports showed light to take advantage of the product in the TSMC forging process that must be seriously started in the third quarter in the second half of this year.

5NM at the TSMC order in TSMC, Zen 4 CPU and RDNA 3 GPU, NVIDIA Hopper GPU, and more surprisingly, Intel is AMD. The mass of reports

makes these tabs for TSMC for 2021 2022 AMD and NVIDIA, and this is Apple's A14 / A4X application processor and Huawei Hisilicon Kirin 1000 and a network processor with network processor and network processor in the second Half this year.

Chinatimes is a large TSMC production number of 5 NM Chip to TSMC, "main client", `NVIDIA Future Generation GPU, AMD Zen4architecture CPU and RDNA3architeCureCureCure GPU are also recorded in a large number of TSMC 5 NM processes. Recent rumors of the industry also suggest that Intel will be one of the 5 NM TSMC customers.

We have already jumped as quickly as possible to hit the AMD node in the process. I know what I am planning (probably not much. Short stains at 7 NM nodes and AMD 5 NM plan are well documented. However, Intel can jump to TSMC 5NM carriage and will continue to receive AMD, as it seems, since it seems first to win the top of the main toy head in progress.

Intel's own search capacity to capture the production of 5 Nm chips on the process node, so I just jump to jump quickly, has already been confirmed. If Intel can not physically manufacture the chip, if it can channel the design effort (we know how well we have 10 nm fiasco), then consumers and investors are valuable returned watches.

As standing, we do not know the process of 5 nm, probably pointing to the XE graphics. We recommend that you take all this with a short pinch with a short solid confirmation salt from Intel.

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