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Intel rocket lake specs leaked benchmarks

Intel announced this week that starting with the Tiger Lake mobile series, Intel is improving the hardware-level security of its CPUs with new security features.

ControlFlow Enforcement Technology (Intel CET), as the name suggests, aims to add another layer of security to Intel's existing chip security measures. Intel CET is designed to defend against the most common malware attack methods, which cannot be adequately defended by software alone.

According to a news report written by Intel's Tom Garrison, Intel CET will become an obstacle to "legitimate code abuse through control flow hijacking attacks." In particular, CET acts mainly on two aspects: indirect branch tracking and shadow stack.

As Garrison explained, indirect branch tracing provides indirect branch protection to defend against call / hop-oriented programming (JOP / COP) attack methods. The shadow stack provides return address protection to help defend against return-oriented programming (ROP) attacks. These types of attack methods are part of a class of malware known as memory security issues and include strategies such as free stack buffer overflow corruption and free use after. `

According to Intel, these types of malware attacks represent 63.2% of the known vulnerabilities disclosed by ZDI from 2019 to the present. They target operating systems, readers, browsers, and many other applications.

Intel is also working with Microsoft to ensure integration at the Intel CET operating system level. In this spirit, Microsoft put together a system to support CET called Hardware Forced Stack Protection in Windows 10, which is now available for preview through Windows 10 Insider Previews. Hardware-enforced stack protection applies to all chipsets that are compliant with the Intel CET specification.

As explained by Microsoft Director of Enterprise Security and Operating Systems David Weston, "As a subscription feature in Windows 10, Microsoft has partnered with Intel to provide hardware-enforced stack protection based on the comprehensive exploit protection built into Windows 10. On top of that, to strengthen code integrity, like and remove any malicious code. »

Intel plans to integrate Intel CET technology into future desktop and server platforms.

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