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Intel rocket lake s alder lake s cpu rumors

It seems that the top model of Intel's 11th generation Rocket LakeS CPU appears in the 3DMark benchmark database. Usually, the leak comes from the famous Twitter miner TUM_APISAK, who shared his findings today. Based on leaked benchmark tests, the

chip has 8 cores and 16 threads, which is clearly in line with previous rumors that Intel will not release a 10-core variant. The

benchmark test pointed out that the processor is a real Intel (R) CPU, although this is not uncommon in unreleased chip engineering samples. According to benchmark tests, it is used in conjunction with Intel's Rocket LakeS UDIMM 6L RVP motherboard, which convinces the audience that it is the 11th generation CPU.

The CPU reportedly has an improved clock speed of 4.3 GHz and a base clock speed of 3.2 GHz. In terms of the result, the chip scored a total of 1746 points in Fire Strike. The graphic score reached 1895 points, while the physical score was 18989 points and the composite score was 592 points.

In "Time Spy", the total chip score reached 605 points. The graphics score is 524 points and the CPU score is 4963 points. The

physical score is a bit unsatisfactory, but I still hope it can be improved before the final commercial version, because this may be an engineering sample.

As for our understanding of Rocket LakeS, it is expected to be the first new series to separate from the Skylake architecture, but it will retain the 14nm compute node. The

motherboard support will reportedly remain on the 400 series motherboard released for the Comet LakeS series. There are indications that although the LakeS chip does not support this interface, it will still include PCIExpress Gen 4.0. Rocket LakeS is also expected to be the series that will introduce Intel's new Xe graphics card into the desktop CPU arena.

As always, since there is no hard and fast indication that it is a Rocket LakeS chip, we recommend adding a little salt.

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