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Intel rival amd 7nm before 2021

The roadmap taken by PC Watch author Kazuki Kasahara reveals some interesting details of Intel's plan.

Kasahara took a roadmap that appears to show Intel's next-generation enterprise LGA4677 socket.

TE Connectivity designs and produces LGA4189 sockets for Intel Ice LakeSP and Cooper Lake processors, both of which have yet to be released.

This new socket from Intel is considered Intel's largest socket to date and is expected to succeed the LGA4189.

It appears that the LGA4677

socket will be designed to fit Intel's Sapphire Rapids chips and later Granite Rapids; This is based solely on the timeline that we expect to see released.

Sapphire Rapids has received considerable attention, including it will be based on the 10nm++ process node and will be launched in 2021. According to reports, Granite Rapids will have a 7nm process node and will land in 2022. Both will do. They are part of the Eagle Stream platform and we think they may use the same LGA4677 socket shown in this roadmap recently.

More detailed information about the Eagle platform is disclosed in another leaked roadmap. The roadmap shows that Sapphire Rapids and future enterprise processors will support PCIe 5.0 interfaces and DDR5 memory modules.

Since the LGA4677 slot will have 488 pins more than the LGA4189 slot, this means that Intel will be able to bring more new features, such as support for PCIe 5.0, and new interconnect technologies. Although it has not been confirmed, DDR5 support is not completely impossible.

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