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Intel reveals plans to launch xe hpg gaming gpus in 2021

In a situation unheard of ten years ago, Intel is trying to keep up with the latest developments from AMD. More specifically, in the field of 7 nm development.

According to George Davis, Intel's CFO, Intel will not compete with AMD in this particular field in the short term. In a speech at the recent Morgan Stanley conference, Davis revealed that Intel hopes to build its own 7nm node at least until the second half of 2021.

It is no secret that Intel has encountered obstacles to downsizing its process, But Davis emphasized how far behind the company is. He said that he doesn't think Intel will surpass AMD before introducing the 5nm manufacturing process. At this point, this seems to be a distant future.

Intel is expected to replicate its existing 14nm process on its upcoming Comet LakeS CPU. Although this may cause many people to question Intel’s ability to compete with AMD this year, Davis explained that Intel’s 10nm process requires a significant reduction in clock speed, which is why manufacturers prefer Comet CPU Lake to ensure good speed.

The next few years will be interesting for Intel. It will highlight whether it can continue to dominate the high-end gaming industry at higher clock speeds while striving to respond to AMD’s 7nm process.

At the same time, fine-tuning of the 10nm process may result in higher clock speeds for next-generation CPUs, allowing the company to more or less remain stable when AMD launches Ryzen 4000 at the end of this year.

In order to alleviate the consequences of Intel's lag relative to AMD, Davis explained that the CPU giant will turn its attention to artificial intelligence and software, trying to limit the impact of AMD's forward development. Whether this will pay off in the ongoing battle with AMD remains to be seen.

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