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Intel ponte vecchio 7nm gpu alpha stage

Ponte Vecchio seems a way to be carried out by the ambitious entrance to the GPU market. Ponte Vecchio is located on the Alpha Stage, according to the recent evidence of EEC record chairs stained by

Tech Leker @ Momo_us. In

listings, Ponte Vecchio is called Addnin Form Factor (AIC), not an interesting test board.

Ponte Vecchio Multiple Variants are stained on the EEC list. This also shows the prealpha version. These are shown at 4 repeated-prerers, GAPV2, GAPV3, GAPV4 and GAPV5. The details disclosed in List

are the following.

Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU 1: ... "Graphics Card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (PREALPHA), GAPV3KI2TC GRAPHIC CARD Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (PREALPHA), GAPV4KI2TC Graphics Card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (PREALPHA), GAPV5KE2TC"

GPU Listing 2 Here are the following: Graphics Card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (PREALPHA), GAPV4KI2TP; Graphics card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (PREALPHA), GAPV5KE2TP. "

List Tan a Thher Therfir:" Ponte Vecchio if upgrade kit (prealpha), gapv2ke2tp; Ponte Vecchio if Upgrade Kit (alpha), Gapv3Ke2TA; Ponte Vecchio Update Kit Si (Internal Quale), Gapv3ki2TQ; Ponte Vecchio if upgrade kit (external qual), gapv3ke2tq. "

Intel Ponte Vecchio, the main architect of Intel Raja Koduri," All Gpu Father ". This is certainly safe, but this GPU is designed as a GPU of EnterpriseSeclass for supercomputer, so it is likely to be exhated.

Ponte Vecchio GPU are scheduled to be used in Future Exciscal Supercomputers Calls Aurora. This will be aligned with two SAPPHIRE RAPIDS XEON processors. These GPUs connect and connect the CXL and OneApi software batteries.

GPU uses Packing Technology Fover and is rumored that high-high memory bandwidth and cache broadband, despite non-GPU game.

It is expected that Ponte Vecchio GPU has two high-level FP jobs.

These details are greatly in rumors and speculations, so there are many things there. Ponte Vecchio looks like an interesting project that Intel has been working for a while, and it will be interesting to see where it ends.

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