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Intel ponte vecchio

Intel announced new details of its first Xe graphics processor, including a new codename: Ponte Vecchio. Currently, this is the first GPU officially named. However, we expect other Xe GPUs to be launched before then.

For those who are confused about the name choice, Ponte Vecchio is an ancient stone bridge in Florence, Italy. This refers to the interconnection between GPUs, which Intel calls CXL (Compute Express Link).

To clarify, Intel's Ponte Vecchio is not a gaming GPU. Intel's first round of Xe graphics cards were used for exascale calculations.

Intel claims that the 7nm Ponte Vecchio GPU will utilize Foveros packaging technology while utilizing the CLX interconnect. However, although we already know it, they also shared new information that was previously unknown.

Ponte Vecchio will also have ultra high cache, high memory bandwidth and will always have double high precision FP.

According to the Ponte Vecchio news platform, Intel will use Ponte Vecchio in the following markets:

As usual, Intel seems to have big plans for this new version of the graphics processor, and we would like to know how this will affect the market.

However, We will get more information about Intel’s future plans soon. Intel promised to share more information about its new project called "Aurora" on November 17. This will revolve around your exascale computer lineup. Project


Intel Aurora is scheduled to be released sometime in 2021, so we still have a long wait time, but we hope it will pay off!

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