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Intel next gen 7nm xe gpu 2022

We already know that Intel is developing next-generation Xe graphics cards based on TSMC’s 7nm technology.

It looks like this lineup will be a continuation of DG1, which means that they will be second-generation GPUs rather than high-end models.

However, for those who wish to release the date as soon as possible, they are about to be disappointed. It seems that Intel will not be ready to release these graphics cards until 2022.

Until recently, we haven't heard many updates or rumors about DG2 since July last year. In leaks last summer, the codename DG2 was exposed, which seems to indicate that all three graphics cards will be able to use 128, 256 and 512 EU.

However, recent AdoredTV rumors indicate that Intel will not only use TSMC's 7nm process, it will not be available until 2022.

Why Intel uses TSMC for its 7nm architecture is a huge source of controversy now . AdoredTV said this may be due to Intel's use of its own 7nm process and only focuses on the CPU. Others say this is a profitable example.

In any case, this news plus the rumors that it won't appear for two years makes people worry that it will be out of date when it comes out. This is especially true compared to AMD and Nvidia, which have already used 7nm for their current graphics cards.

However, this is just hearsay and speculation, and we are not sure. The release date and TSMC’s participation are still rumored and have not been officially confirmed by Intel.

Of course, once we hear more information or confirmation from Intel, we will definitely notify you in time.

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