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Intel i9 9900ks ifa announcement

In the battle for the best CPU, Intel revealed new information about the upcoming i9990KS (released on Computex this year) at IFA 2019, which will be available later this year. Confronting AMD, which recently won the game with its new Ryzen 30000 chip, Intel's new core processor seems to be a promising step for them.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of CPU news. The new i99900KS chip released by Intel made everyone excited.

So far, apart from AMD’s obvious obstacles, there is not much news about these chips, but we want to report some progress to you. The

IFA is held in Berlin every year, and some of the biggest tech news bulletins are held every year. Showcasing everything from gaming chairs to CPUs to gaming laptops, there are always many new technologies that make people salivate.

So what is the difference between this chip and 9900K? Intel basically chose the best part of the 9900K and supplemented it with new technologies to make their 9900KS. They promise that this new CPU will be able to reach 5Ghz on all cores, so it can even go deep into AMD.

"5Ghz means 5GHz" is what Intel said. This seems to be a clear sarcasm of AMD's recent controversy over the Ryzen 3000 chip. Their processor did not reach the boosted speed they advertised, even though they claimed that this was due to a firmware error that has now been resolved.

Intel demonstrated their i99900KS and Hitman 2 trial versions at IFA 2019, and demonstrated a very stable 5Ghz throughout the demo. However, to achieve these speeds requires an advanced cooling system, and Intel used a Corsair 240 mm AIO liquid cooler during the demonstration. Without effective cooling, you will not be able to enjoy the highest speed you are after.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that Intel chips still run on 14nm Coffee Lake Refresh processors, which are different from Zen 2.7nm-based Ryzen 3000s. The newer architecture used by AMD helps significantly improve performance.

Intel also shared some updates to its Cascade LakeX chip on IFA, and promised in a slide that the release date is next month (October). They claim that the relative performance of these new chips can be up to 2.09 times that of SkylakeX. We think this means that due to these performance requirements, the price of these chips may also be lower.

Although we are a little disappointed by the recently reported specifications of these chips, we have reservations about this. It seems that we don’t have to wait too long to see whether our fears are unfounded. The

new i99900KS has not yet confirmed a release date, but Intel’s chief performance strategist Ryan Shrout said that the chip will be launched in October.

This is good news for those of us who are looking for updates. Obviously, this CPU will become a strong competitor of AMD Ryzen 3000 chip, and the clock speed can reach 5GHz out of the box!

It seems that the biggest feature of i99900KS will be the improved clock speed and multithreading capabilities out of the box. However, the fact that the chip is mainly an updated version of i99900K may discourage some people. The

CPU has not yet been priced, but Intel recently reduced the price of i99900K to around £400 in order to compete with AMD. Given that the new chip is an upgraded version of i99900k, it seems we can expect the price to be around £400,500. Please do not quote us, because all of this is pure speculation at the moment!

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