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Intel i7 10700k vs i7 9700k

By now, you've no doubt heard that Intel announced a new 10th-generation processor series with the introduction of Comet LakeS. Among these processors, we see a new eight-core Intel Core i7 10700K CPU.

As a supposedly powerful CPU, we know that it will become one of the first choices for PC and gaming enthusiasts who want to upgrade their systems. Today, we would like to briefly introduce you to how this new CPU compares to the 2019 9th Gen Intel Core i7 9700K. As a CPU that should replace the 9700K, the new Core i7 should show good performance improvements to be worth upgrading.

Although their prices may be similar, what is worth upgrading to the new 10th generation Core i7?

Both processors have eight cores. However, the difference between them is that Core i7 10700K has 16 threads, which is higher than the 8 threads of the previous generation. The new processor will support hyper-threading, which is the main difference between the two CPUs. The

new Core i7 10700K is expected to be clocked at 3.8GHz, while the previous generation is clocked at 3.6GHz. Both processors use Intel's Turbo Boost technology. However, the new processor can reach a boost frequency of 5.0GHz, while the i7 9700K is only 4.9GHz

. It seems that the new i7 10700K will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors in overclocking. Both processors are unlocked and use soldered onboard heat sinks instead of the typical thermal interface materials found on some older processors.

This makes the new processor an excellent prospect for overclocking, but at this point, so does the i7 9700K.

The other difference between the two processors is that the Core i7 10700K has a TDP of 125W, while the 9700K has a 95W 20MB L3 cache and the latter has 12MB.

The next thing to consider is price. The 9th-generation Core i7 9700K launched early, in mid-November. This price in the UK is about 374 US dollars or 290 pounds.

This proved to be an excellent processor with excellent performance and good single threaded performance. The new

Core i7 10700K seems to be priced the same as $ 374, which is good news for those who are a bit price conscious.

This is the key question. The Core i7 10700K is certainly an upgrade from the previous generation, but whether it is worth the upgrade depends on your needs and budget. If you have enough cash and only want the best, then the added performance may be worth it. However, the Core i7 9700K is still a reliable processor with excellent performance. Since it was released only a few months ago, it is far from outdated. If you don't absolutely need to upgrade, it may be worth waiting for your current processor to get more use.

If your processor is completely different than either of them and you are weighing which CPU to buy, the simple answer is to upgrade. They will be available at the same price, so due to the impressive performance improvements, it is definitely worth waiting for the newer version to arrive.

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