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Intel hyper threading

In order to counter AMD's recent success in the market, Intel seems to be planning to upgrade the upcoming 10th generation Core i3 chip.

This message comes from a leaker named TUM_APISAK, who noticed it in the SiSoftware benchmark test of the upcoming Intel Core i310100.

We can see in the benchmark test that the i3 processor runs at 3.6GHz. The most interesting news is that it is a four-core eight-thread model. Assuming this leak is real, this raises some interesting questions about Intel's future plans.

It seems that we are seeing Hyper-Threading in the Core i3 processor. Given that Intel’s 9th-generation Core i3 chip is a quad-core four-thread model, it seems that the 10th generation will introduce hyper-threading on the Core i3.

Since we don't know whether the benchmark leak is real, this is pure speculation. Since the basic clock is the same as the Core i39100 processor, we don't know if the chip in the benchmark test is an early sample or there is more development to be done.

Hyper-Threading is the key word Intel interprets as "simultaneous multi-threading." Simply put, this means that CPU cores can be divided into virtual cores to help cope with heavy multitasking.

As far as the 9th generation chip is concerned, only the Core i9 processor has hyperthreading.

If the 10th generation i3 CPU has hyper-threading capabilities, Intel is likely to include it in the rest of the series. This seems likely because there is no good reason to limit it to Core i3.

speculates that other chips in the Comet Lake series have as many as 10 cores and 20 threads in the Core i9. These chips seem likely to match the chips provided by AMD.

In general, if this leak is true, it will make Intel's 10th generation chips look more attractive than we thought. If this hyper-processing technology can be used in other product lines, then if the price is right, these chips will become a great option for consumers.

There is no official release date for the new Comet Lake chip. As some sources are pointing to an early 2020 release, we expect to receive news snippets before then. As always, we will keep you informed of any news we hear!

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