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Intel hades canyon nuc graphics driver update

If you own the Intel Hades Canyon Next Computing Unit (NUC), you may have been waiting a long time for a driver update. Hades Canyon NUC waited about a year for the new Kaby Lake G driver update, and we finally found that the update is already available, with the help of AMD. The story behind

Intel’s Hades Canyon is a bit strange. The Kaby Lake G chip is equipped with AMD Radeon RX Vega M graphics, but Intel has since abandoned its partnership with AMD. This may be because they have their own NUC integrated Xe graphics solution. Hades Canyon

NUC was first released in 2017, but so far, they have not received the Vega graphics driver update for the past year. Intel has promised to provide driver updates for five years, but this situation is a bit tricky.

Now, a year later, users can finally update their drivers. However, the driver update will not be from Intel. Instead, Intel allows users to access driver updates from AMD.

Interestingly, the driver update page on the Intel website links to the RX Vega 64 driver page on the AMD website.

Since this driver is from AMD, users will have access to their new Adrenalin 2020 driver, which will cover a variety of different bug fixes and should bring better performance, especially when you are running modern games . If you encounter problems while playing Gears 5 without crashing, you will be happy to hear that a new driver update should resolve this issue.

If you are a Hades Canyon NUC user, it may be a frustrating wait. However, I hope this new driver from AMD can help you keep running from now on.

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