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Intel eagle stream platform

According to the new roadmap, the details of Intel's Eagle Stream platform and Sapphire Rapids processor were recently revealed. The

AST2600 is the first 28 nanometer BMC chip, which was recently released by the leading provider of motherboard management controllers (BMC), Aspeed. What followed was the announcement of the chip roadmap. Roadmap

is interesting here. It bears the Aspeed logo, indicating that Intel's Eagle Stream platform will launch in early 2021. This confirms another leaked Huawei roadmap, which was revealed by Tom`s Hardware this summer.

After Intel has postponed the release of its Ice LakeSP processor, this is promising news.

In this leak, it was revealed that Intel plans to release its Sapphire Rapids in 2021 and Granite Rapids in 2022. It also shows that Sapphire Rapids is expected to support DDR5, PCIe 5.0 and CXL.

announced for the first time through the Intel Investor Conference in May 2019 that Sapphire Rapids is a 10nm microarchitecture that plans to succeed Ice Lake. The

Eagle Stream will replace the 2020 Whitley platform and will become the data center platform for these chips. This will also support Granite Rapids chips released after 2022.

Intel has not confirmed any of the above, and even officially announced the introduction of the Eagle Stream platform. However, if the details revealed by the roadmap are accurate, then Intel has some important things for users. It seems that they plan to announce these versions when the roadmap is displayed.

Do you believe the information announced in this year's roadmap? Are you looking forward to what Intel will prepare for us in the future? Tell us in the comments section.

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