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Intel directx 12 xe gpus

According to Intel developer Allen Hux, the gaming capabilities of Intel Xe graphics cards may be stronger than expected. In a presentation for the online transformation of the cancelled GDC conference, Hux delved into how Intel Xe GPUs and integrated GPUs can be combined to provide better frame rates, thanks to DirectX 12.

Hux reveals interesting , Because it is other processors from Intel and AMD in order to provide better performance when connected with a discrete GPU. In practice, dedicated GPUs from AMD or NVIDIA can use useless power in the context of integrated graphics solutions to provide games with more running capabilities, thereby achieving better performance.

Speculation about whether Intel is preparing lighter products than Hux revealed has been going on for some time, especially Intel aims to market GPUs that can compete with NVIDIA and AMD in the brutal gaming market.

Since the Intel Xe DG1 GPU provides nothing but very low power that anyone can describe, and then seeing it work with CPUs from laptops like Tiger Lake, it should provide much-needed enhancements, no matter what they are. .

Of course, this largely depends on whether game developers tend to readjust their games to take advantage of multiple GPUs. As Hux explained, this method involves using DirectX 12 to allow two GPUs to work together.

This is not simple, it involves some coding skills, you can see that DirectX 12 distributes the workload between different GPUs. The dedicated GPU will calculate and process most of the workload and pass some parts to the integrated GPU. Hux mentioned sending particle, warp, artificial intelligence, shadow, and physics effects to the integrated GPU. For example,

Hux explained that this method is an "improvement to asynchronous computing." However, not many games start with asynchronous calculations, which means that the game can benefit from the limit. Asynchronous computing is already very rare, so it seems even more impossible to see game developers using it to further integrate Direct X 12 GPU workload sharing.

However, if put into practice, we can see that some Thinline gaming laptops equipped with Xe GPUs perform relatively impressively in games.

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